Lazy Habits Talking RMX LP

Lazy Habits Talking RMX LP

Ahead of the release of ‘RMX LP’ an album of exclusive remixes out 10th February, WithGuitars’ Tom Clayton was pleased to talk to the London bass heavy hip-hop band, which have impressed all live, but it’s their creative buzz caused by a string of killa singles that has earned Lazy Habits much hard earned success.

The Lazy Habits remix album works as an evolution of their debut (which was the perfect emulation of the band’s epic live credentials and their trademark big band and hip-hop sound). The new album sees a host of exciting remixing talents, including Fjokra, put their own spin on Lazy Habits’ original tracks, creating an album which sounds refreshingly unique, while maintaining the infectious spirit of the group’s first record.

Lazy Habits have released a new video which sees them face off against emerging producer, Fjokra, as each artist takes on a track from the other.

This concept is part three of Lazy Habits’ ‘Band Melt’ video series, in which they collaborate monthly with a host of exciting musical talents.

Watch the ‘Fjokra’ video here O


Thanks very much for taking the time out for this interview, please give a quick intro to our readers.

“We are Lazy Habits.  A fully live Beats and Brass Heavy Hip Hop crew from London.”

What have you been up to between your debut album and your new remix album? Sounds like you’ve been busy!

“Last year was a really busy one.  We toured with long term collaborator Miss Baby Sol for the first time, playing some of her material and some new stuff we had been working on as well as al the Habits tracks and tricks you normally get in a show, it was very different and really good fun, She is a superstar.  We toured the album a lot.. From the French Alps to East Asia and back again.  We recorded  whole bunch of collaboration videos and even managed to write, record and tour a side project called High Cross Society, which we are part of along side Fjokra, More Like Trees and Reeps One.  At the tail end of the year I (MC Lazy Habits) started working on some writing for a Major Label artist and some film projects, writing a script for a short film, making a cameo in Weed based comedy that will be in the Cinema this October and also getting Starting Fires in the film too..  Big up the Lennox Brothers.”

What made you decide to put together a remix album?

“We really wanted to hear the tracks in a different light.. We wanted to be able to play some of them in clubs and see how they went down.. I have a couple of really nice remix albums in my collection that i really like, the way they move and are put together.. so i wanted to go for something like that.  We wanted it done as a whole album as we wanted the journey to still exist.. the whole spectrum of influences and sounds together.”

How did the collaborations with the remixers come about, have you worked with any of them before?

“Well we know a lot of really talented producers, remixers and other artists around us, people we have played with or live around.. that kind of thing, who we really admire.  We have worked with people like Nutty P and 28 Hurtz before and with people like Floris, who came to our attention through Dope DOD, we literally just approached coz we loved what they were doing…. We went through a whole bunch or remixes for each track to find the right balance for what we thought the album needed.  There are also other people on there like Fjokra and Benny Aves who we are working with o new projects going forwards.”

Stream Ashes (The Disablists RMX)

What’s next in 2014 for Lazy Habits?

“A lot.  We have been working on the new album since Xmas and we def looking to put it out this year.. Prob in Oct but its a little to early to say.. There is a lot of new stuff and we think its about time to road test some of it at a few shows before the summer.  We are in Italy in Feb and Asia again in April with a few shows inbetween so we shall see how it all goes down.  Then when summer hits we are hoping to drop a song or two and hit the festivals hard.   So some singles, an album, some festivals, a support tour we cant quite talk about and loads more.. Really excited to take it to another level this year.”

What artists/albums are you listening to at the moment? Anyone you’re particularly enjoying or influenced by?

“The Janelle Monae Electric Lady album is genius, I’m listening to that a lot lately. I killed the Danny Brown one to death last already, New MIA album is cool, Jonwayne, the new Schoolboy Q tunes.. A lot of everything at the moment. it feels like research tho, not a bad thing.”

You’ve built up quite the renown on the live circuit, any particular gigs stand out?

“Last year we played Wilderness for the first time .. really late… and ended up playing to about 3000 people who i didn’t think had seen us before but they all went nuts from the first note.. I don’t think i will ever forget that feeling.  Really though i love playing shows in general, Shep Bush, The Roundhouse, Jazz Cafe and 100 Club were always venues i wanted to play though, those shows were special for more than a few a reasons.”

Is there anyone that you would love to remix a Lazy Habits track, who would your dream remixer/collaborator be?

“Yeah loads of people .. it changes all the time.. I’ve been trying to get a Burial remix for a while now.. we kinda know him, this hasn’t got us any closer tho.. I really just love the way thing come about naturally.  I’m always really excited about whoever we end up working with as its always someone we really rate.  we have turned down some massive collabs that we just didn’t feel would work and also got close to massive collabs that we really wanted to happen that ended up not getting off the ground.”

Any final words? (Opportunity for shameless plug here!)


Less we forget the epic official video for  ‘Bulletin’ shared towards the end of last year.

Going a bit further back, Fades (Official Video)

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Lazy Habits Talking RMX LP