LazyTalk: Memories and Beyond

LazyTalk: Memories and Beyond

LazyTalk describe their sound as ‘future-ska’, an infectious mash-up of varying genres ranging from ska to reggae to indie. Ahead of the release of their single ‘Just A Ride’ in March, the fivesome are releasing their track ‘Memories’ as a free download (below).

The band have gained quite a following having supported Babyshambles on tour, headlined London’s Scala and worked with Gordon Raphael, who previously produced The Strokes’ iconic album, ‘This Is It’.

‘Memories is a nostalgic gem of a track which sees singer Piers Robinson look back on a relationship with a former lover.

This band are certainly worthy of closer inspection, lucky for WithGuitars that Tom Claydon came to the rescue

Hi LazyTalk, thanks for taking some time out for this interview. Please introduce yourself and your band to our readers.

“I am Mister Piers and we are Lazytalk…. a five piece from London town.”

You describe your sound as ‘Future-Ska’ – what sets your sound apart from the crowd?

“I think in a  way we reflect the cultural and musical expression of the two tone movement of the late seventies and early eighties in the way that we have ended up blending musical genres into our songs. On the one hand are heavily influenced by West Indian music like Dancehall and Jungle and on the other we are influenced by the very English songwriting of the Kinks and the Specials. The future is where we’re headed musically, but the Ska is where we have come from.”

Stream / Download ‘Memories’ here

How did the band form? Had you been working on separate musical ventures before joining forces to become Lazytalkers?

“We formed the band around 2010, and had our first jams in the Crypt of a church near Kings Cross.. We were eventually moved on because of the racket, by a bunch of so called artists that occupied the other studios. Not much artistic understanding there. We have been playing with the present lineup for about a year now and everyone in the group knows each other from before one way or another.. I used to mix and MC Jungle with Jack back in the day, we use to party at Josh’ s place when we was youngsters and Sam use to date my sister (not any more btw), so little connections… We found Tag in Brixton, but he seems to know everyone in the live music game in London anyways.”

Who is Bobby Bear?

“Bobby Bear is like this little bear we met who wears a suit and talks like a cockney, he is surprisingly well connected so he kinda manages the band…”

What can listeners expect from your upcoming releases. including your new single, ‘Just A Ride’?

“Just A Ride is song about how it is right now and how it’s been over the last few years, for young people especially. The song details three different sets of people in three different situations, with different choices. But I guess the point is we don’t have a choice about the world were left with but we will be the ones who have to deal with it. It showcases a lot of the different musical styles we like, the third section is straight up bouncey bouncey.  We have a few singles lined up that we will be releasing over the next few months. You can expect more of the same slightly pissed off lyrics and happy beats you can dance to”

You’ve recently announced you’ll be playing at the Roundhouse on February 24th, what has been your favourite live moment to date? Any dream gigs you would like to play?

“Supporting my old mate Pete Docherty and his Babyshamble lot was fun! We played a great gig at The Scala last year right by where it all began so that was a good feeling. I would like to play a gig somewhere bizarre like Mongolia or Scarborough.. but a nice slot on a nice stage at Glastonbury would be pretty fun too!”

‘Memories’ live via Mahogany Session

What music are you listening to at the moment? Anyone you’re particularly enjoying?

“I do quite like the Fat White Family who live in a pub we practice at sometimes… I don’t listen to their music necessarily but they’re the best live band I’ve seen in London since I’ve been gigging and not to mention a proper rocknroll bunch of tossers.”

As proud London boys, is there something about this majestic city of ours that particularly lends itself to creative types – what makes it such a breeding ground for top-notch music do you think?

“Funny as the other day a music photographer I met at a gig was arguing that when you think about it (he reckoned) there aren’t that many proper good bands that have come from London (London proper). He has a point to a certain extent. I mean people think Blur come from London but they actually from Colchester. I was born in Soho and grew up in the heart of London and always liked all the variety of people and style and music that you would come across. I have always felt an immense sense of pride in the music that has come out of this city because it reflects all the communities that live here and it more often than not travels right around the world. For one city, London has puked up some wicked music over the years.”

Any last words?

“Love Lazytalk and we’ll Love you right back.  we might even let you stroke the bear ;)”

LazyTalk’s colourful new website, featuring news on releases from the group as well as occasional updates from their elusive, furry manager, Bobby Bear.

The new website can be found at

2012’s ‘Luzaville


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LazyTalk: Memories and Beyond