Lee ‘Kid’ Thompson One Man’s Madness // Film, DVD, ans 2CD soundtrack

Lee ‘Kid’ Thompson One Man’s Madness // Film, DVD, ans 2CD soundtrack



In a career spanning 40 years, Lee ‘Kix’ Thompson has become a key songwriter in Madness and a firm favourite with fans around the world. The band’s ability to push boundaries with their thrilling and comical videos has become stuff of legend, with Lee taking a firm interest in their exploits on film, including suggesting hanging on a harness from a crane whilst flying through the air in the ‘Baggy Trousers’ video. This was later re-enacted when Lee took to the air while playing a red, white, and blue-coloured saxophone in the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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Gaining notoriety as a graffiti artist with future Madness keyboardist Mike Barson in the mid-1970s, Lee formed Madness with Mike Barson and Chris Foreman in 1976, writing the band’s debut single, ‘The Prince’, before going on to write and co-write numerous hits for the band including ‘Embarrassment’, ‘House of Fun’, and ‘Uncle Sam’. His experience as a petty criminal and serving time in a youth detention centre inspired his lyrics for ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘One’s Second’s Thoughtlessness’.

After Madness disbanded in 1986, Thompson joined forces with ‘Chrissy Boy’ and the pair formed Crunch! with Lee co-writing ‘Magic Carpet’ with Suggs, originally intended to be included on a Madness album. In 2011, Lee began performing with The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra and released one album entitled ‘The Benevolence of Sister Mary Ignatius’, which included the track ’Bangarang’, featuring Dawn Penn and Sharon Shannon.

“The whole experience in the making of this Mocu has been a sheer joy. Miming along to all the characters was slightly tongue twisting, however with the director’s patience and perseverance we got there eventually. Casually construed, carefully nurtured, how it should be. Jeff makes a fantastic Cappuccino and his wife was most patient with my array of props, wigs and slap. Thank you to all involved, you’ve made a happy man very old!”, says Lee.



01. Title Music / House Of Fun

02. House Of Fun (Opera intro) – Thommosina Leigh

03. A word about Lee

04. House Of Fun – Madness

05. NW5 (Opera intro) – Thommosina Leigh

06. NW5 – Madness

07. A word about chemistry

08. Night Boat To Cairo – Madness

09. Deceives The Eye – Madness

10. My Girl – Madness

11. Rockin’ In Ab – Madness

12. England’s Glory (Demo) – Ian Dury

13. Razor Blade Alley – Madness

14. A word from Suggs and Chas

15. The Prince – Madness

16. One Step Beyond – Madness

17. Swan Lake – Madness

18. A good spell in the army

19. Land Of Hope & Glory – Madness

20. A sartorial word

21. Baggy Trousers – Madness

22. A word about positivity

23. Embarrassment (Opera intro) – Thommosina Leigh

24. Embarrassment – Madness

25. Return Of The Los Palmas 7 – Madness

26. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) – Madness



01. A word about the law

02. It’s OK I’m A Policeman – Crunch!

03. A flying word

04. Magic Carpet – Crunch!

05. A word about kleptomania

06. Shut Up – Madness

07. A lovely word

08. It Must Be Love – Madness

09. Overdone – Madness

10. A word about a lamppost

11. Lovestruck (Opera intro) – Thommosina Leigh

12. Lovestruck – Madness

13. Johnny The Horse – Madness

14. Drip Fed Fred – Madness

15. A devillish word

16. Dust Devil – Madness

17. A sticky frog

18. Wings Of A Dove – Madness

19. A word about perseverence

20. Whistle In the Dark – Madness

21. Madness – Madness

22. Yesterday’s Men – Madness

23. Michael Caine – Madness

24. Bangarang – The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra

25. Sit Down & Wonder – Lee Thompson

26. Bite The Bullet – The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra

27. Wicker Man – The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra

28. Birthday Girl – Crunch!


Cinema’s so far confirmed to screen ‘One Man’s Madness’:

Tue 22nd May        LONDON                            Showcase Bluewater (with Q&A with Lee and Jeff Baynes)

Wed 23rd May      READING                           Showcase

Wed 23rd May     SOUTHAMPTON               Showcase

Wed 23rd May     NOTTINGHAM                   Showcase

Wed 23rd May     DERBY                               Showcase

Wed 23rd May     LEICESTER                       Showcase

Wed 23rd May     PETERBOROUGH             Showcase

Wed 23rd May     LEEDS                               Showcase

Wed 23rd May     COVENTRY                       Showcase

Wed 23rd May     BRISTOL                            Showcase

Mon 28th May        SOUTHEND                       Southend Film Festival

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Lee ‘Kid’ Thompson One Man’s Madness // Film, DVD, ans 2CD soundtrack