Leitvox shares “Two Tribes (Ft. Emma Fox and Gavin Clark)"

Leitvox shares “Two Tribes (Ft. Emma Fox and Gavin Clark)"

Drums by Ilan Rubin (NIN)
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Leitvox presents “Two Tribes”, the latest single from his acclaimed album Floating Promises featuring the vocals of Emma Fox and Gavin Clark (UNKLE) and the great Ilian Rubin (Nine Inch Nails) on drums.

With bass laden synths and and lots of cymbals, “Two Tribes” will transport you to another world where trip hop, chillout and electronica meet to create a magical world of sound. The vocals of Emma Fox swirl around creating beautiful melodies and are complemented by Gavin Clark’s melancholic tones.

The track stands out for it’s pristine sound, all elements composing the sound blending seamlessly to create an almost immersive experience for 4 minutes. Bright like the dawn and equally as beautiful, “Two Tribes” is a great example of Leitvox’s skill at pairing and  melding different styles and voices.

Leitvox is a Mexican producer and composer that recently moved to Miami to open his own studio in Wynwood and start promoting his music in the U.S. His first EP, Fall From You, released in 2012, was acclaimed by the press in his country and served as a foundation for its successor Floating Promises, release this year in the US. The album features collaborations with Ilan Rubin (Nine Inch Nails), Gavin Clark and James Griffith (Unkle) Nina Miranda (Smoke City) and Ana Karla Escobar. In addition to the 9 tracks of the album, Floating Promises  has 4 bonus tracks with remixes by Ladytron, GusGus, Son Lux and Nortec.

Stream  “Two Tribes (Ft. Emma Fox and Gavin Clark)” on Soundcloud


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Leitvox shares “Two Tribes (Ft. Emma Fox and Gavin Clark)"