Lemaitre NEW EP 1749 + Stereogum excluded. Concert in Paris!

Lemaitre NEW EP 1749 + Stereogum excluded. Concert in Paris!

NEW EP 1749

RELEASED ON January 29, 2016

VIA Astralwerks




Closer feat. Jennie A: clip discover

1749 EP Teaser:


Title Stepping Stone:
in excluded on Stereogum
and Soundcloud

The Norwegian electro duo Lemaitre has just announced the release of his new EP, 1749January 29, 2016 via Astralwerks. A trailer of the five titles is now online . here The group also provided the remix of “Closer” by the Japanese Starro on Spotify: click here to follow the group on Spotify listening and unlock the title.

The new EP of Lemaitre, 1749 is full of pop beads Denizou sung by Ulrik Lund. “Not Too Late”and “Day Two” both have a touch of pop 70’s which Lund and Ketil Jansen bring their tone post-EDM. “Stepping Stone” in featuring with Mark Johns, is a groovy title catchy chorus. The duo also offered the services the singer Jennie A on “Closer” and producer Giraffage on “Nishio 2.”

1749 is not only the title of the new EP of Lemaitre: it is also the address of their home and their studio in Los Angeles, and for the group, the process of creating a symbol of music at home but away from home. “We left Norway for LA to pursue our dream of making music. We live a bit like Entourage without money, women and insane parties! “

Released in July the single “Closer” has been listened to more than 8 million times. The video for “Closer”, directed by Johannes Greve Muskat, pays tribute to Wes Anderson.

1749 EP Track List

01. Not Too Late

02. Stepping Stone feat. Mark Johns

03. Closer feat. Jennie A

04. Day Two

05. Nishio 2 feat. Giraffage

Lemaitre on iTUNES


About Lemaitre:

Lemaitre are the new heirs to a tradition of Norwegian pop artists then pop songwriting is tempered by electronic grooves. “We try to find the middle” explains Ulrik Lund Denizou, halfLemaitre alongside Ketil Jansen ” we start with a loop to finish on a title or pop rock, with more structure. “Lemaitre has over a million followers on SoundCloud, and Relativity EP 2, releasedin 2012, was ranked 1 of the top Electronic iTunes in the US and Canada. They count among their fans some big names of the electronic scene such as – among others – Porter Robinson, who took them on tour with him last summer, Madeon, Kygo, or Martin Solveig.

In September 2013, their song “1:18,” from the EP The Friendly Sound, was used to illustrate an advertisement for the iPhone 5C. (See HERE).


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Lemaitre NEW EP 1749 + Stereogum excluded. Concert in Paris!