Leondro Continues Rise with Ode to Supportive Ode

Leondro Continues Rise with Ode to Supportive Ode

Inspirational Rise with Ode to Supportive Girlfriend in “Girl You the Ish”

(Los Angeles, CA) – December 11, 2015

The MuseBox today announced the release of “Girl You the Ish,” the anthemic ode to unconditional love written by inspirational Toronto rapper Leondro. “Girl You the Ish” is Leondro’s open and honest love letter to his supportive girlfriend. The song signals Leondro’s continued rise within the hip-hop community, a prospect deemed unlikely following several adolescent run-ins with the law. Leondro decided at age twenty that he would make his hard-working mother proud by not becoming the stereotypical “project” kid who ends up in jail. More information on Leondro’s intriguing story of redemption is available on his official website.


According to Leondro, “Girl You the Ish” was inspired by his girlfriend, a woman who has offered the type of unconditional love and support missing from Leondro’s previous relationships:

“The song is every man’s anthem for that one girl who is always by his side. It depicts the feelings of a man who is truly supported and understood within a relationship. It’s about the girl that becomes a man’s addiction and sanity, the woman who can ease pain without a prescription.”

Leondro was born in Toronto in 1988. He was the youngest of three children raised in social housing in West End Toronto. His single mother worked three jobs to support her children. When Leondro was five years old, his mother gave him a life-altering gift that would spur his love for music: a Karaoke machine with a microphone.

?As a teen, Leondro bounced between thirteen different schools. He was constantly in trouble, hanging out on the streets with the wrong crowds. In the late 1990s, Leondro discovered Baby and Cash Money, with whom he immediately felt a connection. Before the age of twenty, Leondro found himself in legal trouble.

It was soon after that Leondro decided to make a difference in the world and not be the stereotypical “project” kid who ends up in jail. His mother meant too much to him, as evidenced by his tribute tune “Super Big.” Leondro’s musical style changed from dark and angry to upbeat and inspirational, characteristics still seen today on tracks such as “Girl You the Ish.”

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Leondro Continues Rise with Ode to Supportive Ode