Lexie Roth Drops Glittery, Dazed "SLOW DOWN" Video + ‘MOVE ME’ EP Out Now

Lexie Roth Drops Glittery, Dazed "SLOW DOWN" Video + ‘MOVE ME’ EP Out Now


Drops Glittery And Dazed “SLOW DOWN” Video


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With her Move Me EP…she’s defining her own sound—and evolving from the blues-roots sound of her debut– with soaring synth, pulsing drum beats and catchy pop melodies.”

Elmore Magazine

Her delicate, sparrow-like vocals evoke the “Rabbit Fur Coat” days of Jenny Lewis while Roth’s previously released self-titled album has a definite Patsy Cline “Crazy” era twang. Her latest effort has diluted these grassy roots for a driving synth pop, ocean spray breeze but with the same love-lost lyricism to only add depth to her luminous, high-toned melodies.Paste

Los Angeles actress, musician and chef Lexie Roth recently released her collection of sonic and visual art, the MOVE ME EP! Echoing the cinematic videos for “HANGING AROUND”, “DRIVE” and “DOWNTOWN”, today, she shares the dreamy visual component for “SLOW DOWN”.  A song about spreading yourself too thin and socializing until you lose your mind, the protagonist finds herself in a glittery dream of roller girls, crooners, croquet and neon bathtub visions. It was filmed in Encino and directed by Liv Prior Colliander. The “SLOW DOWN” video is out today.


Watch video for “SLOW DOWN”

Roth, whose acting career stands on legs of it’s own, appeared alongside Jennifer Lawrence in Joy and will be featured in this Fall’s Chappaquiddick. The daughter of virtuosic guitarist Arlen Roth (collaborations incl. Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel and The Bee Gees), she wrote, performed and co-produced the five original tracks on this EP which also features Lilah Larson, Ezra Miller (Perks Of Being A Wallflower) and Josh Aubin of Sons of an Illustrious Father as well as Nick Shopa (Papertwin) and Mara Carlyle.


The EP is Roth’s first release since her 2012 full length eponymous album, which included the song ‘Call You My Hon’, featured in the award-winning film Maria My Love. MOVE ME EP is a mix of meditative mantras mixed with high energy drums and synth pop. Roth’s rich voice moves gracefully between low, subtle melodies and brazen high notes. Textured vocal harmonies and canons paired with playful guitar riffs make each track deeply absorbing and memorable.


photo credit: Zachary W. Graves-Miller

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Lexie Roth Drops Glittery, Dazed "SLOW DOWN" Video + ‘MOVE ME’ EP Out Now