Leyya – ‘Drumsolo’

Leyya – ‘Drumsolo’

“Must be the weather…” asks a fellow writer, which greeted my furrowed brow, “Does the heat effect guitar strings” offers another beore leaving me to reflect on the wild use of the word indie, when in fact it’s alt-pop at best abd yes we are awash too much of it, just like one-use plastic it does not degrade just morphs, if Leyya were a band or multi-instrumentals, I could more readily cast the tea leaves on another antipodean artisic outing. The new single is said to experiments with different layers of sound,  combining textures of indie rock, electronica and jazz, so it’s little wonder I am floundering for more detailed or defining superlatives.

‘Drumsolo’ follows the success of their previous singles, ‘Oh Wow’ and “Zoo“, which have received vast support from varied  tastemakers, so the duo have proved how good they are to many, but fresh from a morning mixed listening between Lush, Ride, PINS and Beach Slang the new single feels less integral as many of the songs I had just played, unfair, possibly but in my bubble this is how music sometimes works, in comparison.

More seriously though, the new single will sit pretty with the majority, which I think is deserved, but not sure I will be playing ‘Drumsolo’ in a couple of years time. The Aussie duo make a good first impression, nothings wrong, just a crowed commercial  market place that’s all. 7.7/10

Steve Janes

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Leyya – ‘Drumsolo’