Liam Gallagher ‘Chinatown’

Liam Gallagher ‘Chinatown’

Liam Gallagher dropped his newest single ‘Chinatown’ and it’s not exactly Mega.

Following the T Rex meets Rob Thomas mom rock of ‘Wall Of Glass’, the former Oasis frontman’s latest effort starts off with a promising acoustic guitar groove and per usual, a catchy melody.  His vocal though always effortlessly convincing, can’t save us from the horrendous Beatles reference happening in the first verse.  Happiness, apparently, is STILL a warm gun, just in case anyone was wondering.

This type of thing is normal fair of course with anything involving the Gallagher brothers.  Wearing their influences shamelessly on their sleeves has been part of their shtick from the get go.  However, what was once charming has grown stale and trite.  This type of thing makes a person wonder how many people listened back to this in the studio and didn’t protest.  To be fair, who looks forward to being the guy that has to tell Liam Gallagher no?

What follows is a nicely arranged, hummable tune that almost recovers from this initial hiccup, until you begin to wonder why you’ve heard this before.  It’s because you have.  Much like how ‘Wall Of Glass’ rips off his former bands classic ‘Supersonic’, the chorus in ‘Chinatown’ blatantly nicks the verse melody from ‘Champagne Supernova’.  Maybe all this vitriol directed at his brother has more to do with the creative shadow Noel casts that Liam can’t seem to get out from under.

If there’s any discernible statement to be gathered from these first two singles, it seems to be, “hey, at least it’s not Beady Eye.”  There’s potentially a great record to be made with Liam Gallagher going straight up the middle, and who knows, maybe these songs could pay off with repeated listens.  Whether or not any of this is enticing we can count on one thing;  any time there’s an excuse for the Gallagher brothers to be speaking with the press is cause for celebration.

Check Liam Gallagher doing his best to not sound like “Bingo and his Naff” by clicking the link below which will lead to a legitimately heart warming official video shot in post terror attack Manchester. 7/10

Ben Stephanus

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Liam Gallagher ‘Chinatown’