Light It Up! The Very Best Of Blood Red Shoes

Light It Up! The Very Best Of Blood Red Shoes

Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes may only be on album three but they have consistently produced some of the best indie rock music of recent years.

Setting out their stall early on debut ‘Box Of Secrets’ was startlingly brilliant, all abrasive guitars, frenetic drumming and insanely catchy tunes making Laura Mary Carter & Steven Ansell ones to watch.

Follow up album ‘Fire Like This’ opened up their sound scapes dramatically and included the 7 minute epic ‘Colours Fade’. This year’s ‘In Time To Voices’ mellowed their sound and showed a maturity and confidence unrivalled amongst their peers. With the brand new three track ep ‘Water’ (due January 21st & streaming now over at the bands site) Blood Red Shoes change tactics again to record some of their heaviest material to date.

I first became aware of Blood Red Shoes when they were added to the bill for The Breeders curated ATP, I knew about them before that and despite loving the bands influences (Nirvana, Babes In Toyland, Queens Of The Stone Age, Hole) I ashamedly dismissed them for not having a bassist (I LOVE bass) but because I was attending ATP I bought their album, it blew me away, & I have been a fan ever since. I have seen Blood Red Shoes live about 5 times since that concert and have never been disappointed, they always put on an impressive live show. Once after a gig in Manchester I ended up choosing the same club to visit that they did, so got to have a chat with Steven & Laura Mary (both lovely, like a tipple) I even -later on- interviewed Laura Mary for WithGuitars (here), but I’ll always remember Steven’s first words to me as I said hi wearing an I HEART BASS t shirt “are you taking the PISS!”

In celebration of the new EP, I tried to choose the bands top ten songs, i failed due to the band having too many great tracks. So seeing as it’s Christmas WithGuitars present the Blood Red Shoes top 12. Turn it up loud & enjoy


Colours Fade


You Bring Me Down



Try Harder

Don’t Ask

Je me Perds

When we wake

I wish I was someone better

In time to voices


Light it up



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Light It Up! The Very Best Of Blood Red Shoes