Likely Lads – Observations (Released May 28th)

Likely Lads – Observations (Released May 28th)

To a good few that managed to catch the Likely Lads playing support to Pete Doherty, Shed Seven, The Rifles or the Sound Of Guns will find it no surprise that they have gone on to release their debut single.

York’s newest musical sons unveil their debut single, Observations, on Monday 28th My. Following on from a series of self-released demos to good effect

Observations is an in-your-face feel good indie soundtrack. Accompanied by B-Side Those Were The Days, the record tells you everything you need to know about the outfit in question.

Recorded in their hometown, produced by Likely Lads themselves, and mixed by Dave Bascombe, the record captures the energy and determination of four guys from York – now where have you heard that before?

Observations is just a great song, a Spring anthem, that with the band’s following may well echo through the summer months. If this song is not in With Guitars end of year Festive 50, I’m going senile.

Highly Recommended. 9/10
Steve Janes

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Likely Lads – Observations (Released May 28th)