Listen > Akito – ‘Carry On Comedown’ > from new EP, ‘Turbo Blues’

Listen > Akito – ‘Carry On Comedown’ > from new EP, ‘Turbo Blues’

Akito – ‘Turbo Blues’ EP
(Sans Absence)

Release Date: 7th April 2017

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London-based producer, DJ, NTS regular and Sans Absence label boss, Akito, serves up his first solo offering since 2016’s ‘Pleasure Pending’, with new four-track EP, ‘Turbo Blues’.

Following a year that saw Sans Absence nominated for Best Breakthrough Label at DJ Mag’s annual Best Of British Awards — owing largely to a run of 2016 releases from newer producers like Sylvere and Luke West, as well as some killer, re-booted UK funky from former Blunted Robot, Martin Kemp — ‘Turbo Blues’ taps into a world of wild bass abstraction.

Raucuous opener ‘Cherry Bisous’ zips along at ferocious pace from the off, a colossal, industrial, skewed take on early UK funky, while the bleepy, warming bass tones of ‘Falling Factory’ — again punctuated by heavy percussive blows and crunching drums — point to how adept Akito has become at twisting familiar sounds in adventitious new ways.

‘Spiral Sequence’ references the squeaky, aqua basslines of contemporaries like Murlo and Famous Eno, while final track ‘Carry On Comedown’ — a patchwork of leftish percussive textures and thundering bass — is the perfect sign off on an EP built to redesign the club.



1. Cherry Bisous
2. Fallout Factory
3. Spiral Sequence
4. Carry On Comedown

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Listen > Akito – ‘Carry On Comedown’ > from new EP, ‘Turbo Blues’