Listen: Amy Milner shares new track ‘Easier’ (Aesop)

Listen: Amy Milner shares new track ‘Easier’ (Aesop)

Amy Milne



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“Easier is all about facing up to what is making you unhappy and striving to implement the changes needed to achieve what you want. I wanted the song to be all consuming, as if to spur you on to stand up for the ends you desire and encourage you to realise and believe in your own power to make a positive difference.” Amy Milner
Amy Milner is steadily proving to be a new British songwriting talent that can’t be ignored. Her aptitude for creating a song that has depth of meaning and impactful musicality is further enhanced by her beautiful vocal; which is at once graceful and powerful.
Her debut single on Aesop was the heart-wrenching ‘Have It All’, which was followed by ‘Help’ earlier this year. ‘Easier’ closes 2016 with another slice of perfectly executed ethereal pop.
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The single voice that opens the song is layered and layered, demonstrating that with enough intent your individual voice can be built upon and reinforced until nothing is unachievable; that the world can be bent if you want something enough and are prepared to put all your efforts into making something happen.
“Easier is intended to be a song that is uplifting, and a reminder of the power of determination.”

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Listen: Amy Milner shares new track ‘Easier’ (Aesop)