Listen! Paris starlet Margaux Avril’s new track ‘Soon’

Listen! Paris starlet Margaux Avril’s new track ‘Soon’

Margaux Avril

Unveils new single ‘Soon’

(Margaux de Fouchier – Dennis Brown / Tristan Salvati – Hervé Vérant)


“A gorgeous, spectral return…” – Clash Magazine

A French and American dual-citizen, Margaux is definitely Parisian, but shares a bit of her heart with the Big Apple as well. She’s a songwriter, a singer, a musician, a photographer and a muse. Much more than your average clothes-horse, she’s the kind of girl all photographers and designers want to work with.

Her simple yet elegant taste does not betray fanciful creativity of her aristocratic heritage.

After the 2013 release of her French album with Capitol Records, she’s coming back refreshed with the ability to collaborate with the people she loves without any restriction to express herself freely. Here, the acclaimed French-British duo Postaal, her long time music partner Tristan Salvati, and Alex Gopher (mastering).

« Soon » is about going through this life, feeling lost, making your own mark, memories and feelings, and of course, love.

The sound is modern, sulfurous and solar. She says it’s “rough and refined in the meantime, ambiguous”.

Organically and fluidly, Margaux is starting to define her personality, her ambiguous mystery and her melancholy.

Album Spring 2017

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Listen! Paris starlet Margaux Avril’s new track ‘Soon’