Listen: Raveena shines on the delicate soul of new track ‘Spell’

Listen: Raveena shines on the delicate soul of new track ‘Spell’



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After racking up over a million streams on her first three tracks alone, NY-based vocalist Raveena has returned with a brand new single, ‘Spell’. Following on from the huge success of ‘You Give Me That’ and ‘Johnny It’s The Last Time’, ‘Spell’ is a cut of delicate soul inspired by the classic tones of D’Angelo and Sade, complete with surprisingly climactic electronic elements.

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In a current R&B climate of booming 808s and explicit lyricism, ‘Spell’ revels in its own purity, with the Everett Orr produced track led initially by a single guitar; allowing Raveena’s subtle voice and emotionally mature songwriting to take centre stage. Swelling electronic embellishments encourage the track’s chorus to soar, bringing to life the track’s themes of surrendering yourself over to love while shifting ‘Spell’’s emphasis into infectiously catchy pop territories.

Of the track, Raveena said:
“‘Spell’ is about those moments of escape that draw you into joyful and lighter moments of being. “Spell” is definitely a love song in many respects, but for me, those means of escape also extend to spirituality, meditation, music and drugs. I made this song for anyone who is hurting and needs to let go, feel human and revel in the joy of being alive and in love with someone or something, even if it’s just for fleeting moments.
I make all my music with my best friend and life partner so the music is created from a very personal and intimate process. There is this deep sense of care put into the music by the both of us, and I hope you can feel all those love & passion vibrations through the music.”

With ‘Spell’, Raveena has perfected the same brand of sultry soul songwriting that she is fast becoming synonymous with. As the first taste of her forthcoming EP out later this year, ‘Spell’ is a rich, yet inherently minimalist take on classic soul that proves her to be one of the most important and seductive emerging voices in modern music.

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Listen: Raveena shines on the delicate soul of new track ‘Spell’