Listen + Share Irontom’s Newest Single “In the Day and the Dark”

Listen + Share Irontom’s Newest Single “In the Day and the Dark”

It’s not too surprising that L.A. up-and-comers Irontom know how to bring the rock.”– Yahoo! Music
It’s like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles had a baby, and it was raised by wolves.” – Charlie Sheen
The quintet have been winning the heart of their hometown, Los Angeles, with their nod to classic rock and impressive live shows.” – Purevolume
Irontom aren’t just any band. They’re one of the most dynamic live forces of music on the rise today.” – High Voltage

Los Angeles based five-piece Irontom have been making waves in their hometown for the last couple of years and are now poised for the big time. Their newest single “In the Day and the Dark” premiered on Yahoo! Music and marks the third release in the band’s trio of new singles, all produced by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jack Irons of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam.

Besides being one of the most recognized names in rock music, Jack Irons is also the father of Irontom’s lead guitarist Zach Irons. For the two of them, working together in music wasn’t something planned, but rather it just happened. Zach says, “My dad and I have been playing together since I was a young kid. It makes perfect sense for us to collaborate. Musically, we have a perfect understanding of each other.”
Together with his fellow band members, Harry Hayes on lead vocals, Dane Sandborg on bass, Dan Saslow on keys, and Dyl Williams on drums, Zach was able to use his house as a recording studio, giving Irontom complete creative control over their music.

Listen to Irontom’s Newest Single “In the Day and the Dark”

Irontom’s music isn’t music that you dispassionately slip into your back pocket for a convenient conversation piece. You wear it on your sleeve. Not every band is willing to go to war with the white noise blasphemy that sprays out of the radio. It’s easier to blend in. That’s not what Irontom does.

Their first music video for “The Minista” premiered on Rolling Stone. Featuring Charlie Sheen in a cameo and David LeRoy Anderson’s (Men In Black, Star Trek Into Darkness,The Nutty Professor) amazing make-up work, the video is a surreal romp through a party inspired by the Rothschild family.

This band is homegrown, organic and eloquent in its vision. They don’t plan on waiting around for a big break. Irons says, “We will do whatever it takes to get our music to as many people as we can, on our terms.”


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Listen + Share Irontom’s Newest Single “In the Day and the Dark”