Listen to the opening track from White Manna’s new album, ‘Pan’.

Listen to the opening track from White Manna’s new album, ‘Pan’.

White Manna share another track from their forthcoming album, Pan.

“Equal parts, Stooges punk, Hawkwind space rock and Komische beat, their tidal wave of noise is dense, intimidating and unforgiving…”  Mojo ****
“…this north Californian quintet look to The Stooges and MC5 as keenly as to Hawkwind, The Doors and latterday Lungfish.”  Uncut
“…their oil-smeared biker-psych riffs move at pace and tangle with reverb-weighted vocals.”  NME

After a series of staggering albums, California’s White Manna return with a new release of white hot solar rock on Cardinal Fuzz.  Named after the mischievous nature god from Greek mythology, Pan finds White Manna peaking, whipped into shape by touring a ferocious live set, witnessed by fans at Liverpool Psych Fest and this year’s Austin Psych Fest.

Pan is the next logical step for White Manna.  As tracks flow from guitar blasting amplifier destroying worship to super-cosmische space rock epics and then comes back for more ferocious Stooges pounding fuzzed up Hawkwind inspired freak flag waving wildness.

Listen to “Pan” – the opening track from the album

The album recording was dialled in at the Compound Manila and laid to tape at Lucky Cat Recording by the legendary Phil Manley. The psychedelic mazes on the cover art are brought to you by AP Shrewsbury.   Pan is an album of a band at the height of their game.

Pan will be released in the UK and Europe via Cardinal Fuzz on the 1st June and will be available in multiple vinyl configurations in a 350g, full colour sleeve with a digital download code.  The CD version and the digital download will include 2 bonus tracks that are not on the vinyl.

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Listen to the opening track from White Manna’s new album, ‘Pan’.