Little Coyote stream 80 single

Little Coyote stream 80 single

Little Coyote is a band of five hungry young Sydney musicians looking to create a transcendental experience, ’80 Days’ is their newest single.


Finalist in the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards Alternative category, this wily band of coyotes includes bassist Gareth Bussey, guitarist Matt Coates, vocalist Judd English, sax and keyboardist Jamie Murray and heavy-hitting drummer Anthony Dinh.

’80 days’ was recorded in July 2016 by Callum Howell (Ocean Alley, The Sea Gypsies, Suns of the Universe, Smaal Cats) at Jungle Studios (now known as Parliament Studios) in Sydney’s Leichhardt. It was mixed by Callum at Palm Grove Studios, Palm Beach, Sydney.

’80 Days’ was written by lead singer, Judd English, who explains the meaning behind the track:

“It deals with the daily struggle afflicting many of the self-entitled attention seekers like myself, the ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ – not really wanting to grow up.”

I been a close unplanned been a little Peter Pan from a man understands knows exactly what he am.

“It gained traction for me in a lost period of mine after High School till now. In that time, I’ve spent some time traveling, got into some spiritual shit for a while, got into conspiracy theories, got out of conspiracy theories, had a lot of mind altering magic moments, pretty unoriginal stuff really, but all in the search of trying to find and define myself and my reality along the way. The song is acknowledging the grown man I’m supposed to ultimately become. Yet now I’m still just getting drunk and acting like a child and nothing has really changed and I’m not sure I’ll ever grow up anyway, so screw it.”


I’ve been standing in the middle

on the one hand I became the riddle

of a grown man devil plays the fiddle

And I’ll win every time I play

Hold out wait until tomorrow

I’m a no doubt change my little motto

I’m a rolled up message in a bottle getting washed up someday.


For Fans Of: The Black Keys | Red Hot Chili Peppers | Incubus | Tame Impala | The White Stripes | Cold War Kids | Queens of the Stone Age | Sticky Fingers

80 Days Single Launch:

Thurs 10 Nov – Oxford Art Factory, Gallery Bar, Darlinghurst

“80 Days” by LITTLE COYOTE is available now on digital stores.





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Little Coyote stream 80 single