‘Little Person – Solemn Is The Only Word’

‘Little Person – Solemn Is The Only Word’

The band re-located from the Bay Area to the Big Apple. Both Weinbach brothers started their careers in musical theater, still putting on a throwback-style variety show from time to time, but it was their mutual love of classic 1960’s pop records that led them down their current path. Forming in 2013, Little Person released an acclaimed, self-titled EP and contemplated their next move leading to, well, a move. Now firmly planted in New York, the band is readying to release the ‘I Feel Fine EP via self-release.

The latest from recent NYC transplants Little Person is in the form of ‘Solemn Is The Only Word’ the latest track off of their forthcoming EP, ‘I Feel Fine’. Don’t read tpp mucj into by next commnet that indie and melocony were fruitful bedmates on ocassion, reason I mention this is that the new track feels like it’s akin, but not as re[representative. As ‘Solemn Is The Only Word’ is the only song on the record that doesn’t have any vocals harmonies, and the bew track is tastily subdued a little both musically and lyrically, as the track itself with a narrative such as this, is never upliffting, but havind swereved, and fall to a few of life’s misfortunes, I empathise with the new track more so than the next bright thing no doubt.

The new track’s fairly mixed and blended, but the reason I’m in positive frame, is that ‘Solemn Is The Only Word’ is another reason to enjoy the forthcoming 6-track EP, but the new track passes inspection with ease. 7.6/10

To release new EP, I Feel Fine, on April 3rd

Little Person will celebrate the release of I Feel Fine with a performance at Pete’s Candy Shop on March 30th.

Little Person links:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Youtube

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‘Little Person – Solemn Is The Only Word’