Live Review;The Winter Punk Festival, North Shore, Sunderland

Live Review;The Winter Punk Festival, North Shore, Sunderland

Microphone_vintage_image_99The Winter Punk Festival
North Shore, Sunderland



Ashes_For_Iron_2011Punk. Should it evolve? If not, I have read, that the same problem affected the Teddy Boys that could not abide punks arrival in the UK in 1976. So punk in my book, is a fluid thing, more attitude and belief driven rather that a set of chords or a hairstyle. That being said we still like what we chose to new and older.

Due to prior agreements It’s 9pm on a cold, frost-bitten night at North Shore (formally Manor Quay) there seems to be around 200 bodies doing their best to fill the large complex of bars and bar stages, through to the large main stage, which I will refer to by its correct title, ahem… ‘The Proper Roast Stage’.  In-between band sets and human beat boxes and that guy with the twirling things (sorry for the technical description) to find a man, a promoter of tonight’s event, called Craig. After two fruitless searches to find more info on a few more bands and touch base, as was told by Security that you cannot miss him, he’s tall and has got green hair. So the search continued.

My apologies to most of the bands that I have missed, an eleven hour stint was, I am sad to admit, beyond me. That fact as well interviews, reviews ad the usual shenagagines delayed me, not arriving until 9pm. Bit gutted I missed Liberty Circus, good band, saw them support Club Smith at Plugged Inn, they could only have got even betteSpray_On_Jeans_shot_1br since then.

So who did I see that impressed, The Real Davina were at little popper, but with neat guitar breaks and enough energy; Dragnet played the Bar One Stage, also caught my attention, tighter and a shade darker, than the first time I saw them and a lot more direct.

Bar One Stage’s headline Sunderland’s Ashes Of Iron, were on blistering good form, something I have come to expect, goods songs, set and well played, they also had the most animated crowd, apart from the usual swaying, dancing and /or foot tapping, Ashes Of Iron’s fanbase it seems enjoy piggy7-backs and general tom-foolery at least on this cold December night. All good Stuff.

Also, a quick word o The Pursuit, not on the band list of stage times, but a young three-piece band, together, I was told, for only for a year, if they did not lean on a covers, their own songs went down a lot better than any cover could. Look them up.

Got to say the main stage headliners, are a well rounded band, justly greeted by more bodies than at any time before; brave souls which crept toward the main stage across the well trodden dance floor to hear a damn good set. I will have to recommend Spray On Jeans.
I have been told prior to tonight that they were a band I should see. Missed their acoustic support of The Stranglers as I was away, but tonight made up for it. Four hours of entertainment, its 1am, saw five good bands, did find the green haired Craig, and did my best to ignore the sub-zero temperatures outside. Looking forward to 2012’s bash.
Steve Janes

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Live Review;The Winter Punk Festival, North Shore, Sunderland