Loaded 44 + Middle Finger + Il Complesso – May 25th 2017 at Museum Vaults, Sunderland

Loaded 44 + Middle Finger + Il Complesso – May 25th 2017 at Museum Vaults, Sunderland

Happy rewarding accidents is a fair one liner of my initial my immediate summation of last night, which greeted me earlier this morning, accurate as fat as it goes, but messy in terms of detail, handy in terms of introduction though.  After an early start I found myself walking the banks of the river Wear for several pleasant hours with good friends in the sunshine, to arrive at the Sunderland city centre, just in time to have been recommend to visit the Museum Vaults for a night of punk from all three participants.

The story goes Loaded 44 were invited by Il Complesso for a run if Italian dates and the favour returned to make an intriguing mix of bands tonight, Sadly I missed Il Complesso’s Rebellion festival set which many in the crowd around me cited as is any cast iron reason was needed, but their energy and delivery lived long as worthwhile.

Loaded 44, I’m more familar with former line up’s I guess, but their impact still undiminished, remember a few tracks from a festival tent or two, but tonight’s focus marked the the high level attained in a suitable hot sweaty back atmosphere ramped room. Apart from crowd standards, a couple of tracks bristled taken from 2016’s Get Ready EP namely ‘Tell Me’ and ‘I Want It All’ but a lasting impression as ‘Shake It Up’ ends, new material might be just around the corner. Also found out after their set the guitarist has a broken fingers taped up and told by doctors he should rest his playing hand, fat chance.

Middle Finger represented the first of two as yet unknown bands. Playing a natty noise punk, oi tinged mix to good effect, my Italian is not that sharp, but the spirit and songwriting skills are there, music unlike the right wingers do not believe in borders and our world is far more better for it.

Il Complesso impressed from the opening ‘Voglux’ that we all were in safe hands.  The 4-piece are on good form their set featuring both tracks for recent split vinyl of the ‘Street Punk Riot; the first of which, ;4 Amici’ lands well, but a live extended ‘Fight For Justice’ works very well as does the ‘Nei Fatti Miei’ which closes the up to now well owned set,, But to cries of more the band pulled out a couple of earnest covers the best of which Sham 69’s ‘If the Kids Are United’.

Making no bones about tonight, a very solid night, puts be in mind of larger Cumberland Arms nights, of which there were too many, in terms of quality, this night ranks high, a thoroughly entertaining night, all bands deserve credit and applause. 8/10

Steve Janes

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Loaded 44 + Middle Finger + Il Complesso – May 25th 2017 at Museum Vaults, Sunderland