Long Tall Jefferson shares new track ‘I Flew Into Town’ + announces debut album

Long Tall Jefferson shares new track ‘I Flew Into Town’ + announces debut album

Shares new track ‘I Flew Into Town’ Announces debut album ‘I Want My Honey Back’ Out 8th April – self-released Long Tall Jefferson is pleased to an


Long Tall Jefferson is pleased to announce the release of his debut album ‘I Want My Honey Back’, out 8th April on download / postcard / vinyl.

‘I Flew Into Town’ is the first taste of Long Tall Jefferson‘s debut album. A story of dashed hopes as the narrator gently balances between irony and cynicism under a feeling of “starring in your own movie”. As he explains: “I once fell in love with a girl from Manchester when I was travelling. I flew back there about a year later to see her and see some more of the city. The appointment was I could crash at hers. But then she just wasn’t there. I spent the whole week in that city wondering what the hell I was doing. Asking myself some hard questions and at the same time trying to laugh them off.”

Listen to ‘I Flew Into Town’

Long Tall Jefferson is a wanderer by trade. Living as a professional musician for the last couple of years he toured and travelled a lot. He visited and lived in different cities around Europe – Berlin,Brussels, Zurich and Leipzig among others – documenting his experiences and observations in a pile of songs, which eventually needed an output. “I like to abstract personal matters trying to find some more generally applicable mechanisms behind them. It really helps me bearing the sheer unlikeliness of human existence”, reveals the songwriter.

While the songs were piling up over a long time the actual album was recorded and produced in a rush of inspiration. Within a month he recorded 15 songs on an old 4-track cassette recorder he bought in a Berlin junk shop. A good friend came over and recorded trumpets and horns adding some extra warmth to two of the nine songs that finally made it onto the album. According to Long Tall Jefferson the analogue workflow had a big influence on the production and the sound of the recording “due to the way perfection has its limits and because I had to accept and start to appreciate flaws and inconsistencies.” All of that makes this record incredibly honest and stripped back.

The album starts off with ‘I’ve Loved You More’, detailing the physical presence and absence of a loved one. ‘The Sweetness of Mortality’ contains the album’s title in its lyrics and is a tongue-in-cheek ode to life itself, while ‘Old Friend’ follows a similar theme about meeting old friends and realising there was a reason you hadn’t seen them in such a long time.

‘Westbound’ and ‘There’ll Be A Time’ are a nod to saying goodbye to security and getting out on the road. While the darker offering in ‘Pharaoh’ speaks of the start of the ‘Arab Springs’ uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, following up on the previously released and politically charged track ‘Dunkerque, 2015’. Long Tall Jefferson has a distinct knack for storytelling, richly shown on ‘I Want My Honey Back’.


I Flew Into Town Single Cover

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Long Tall Jefferson shares new track ‘I Flew Into Town’ + announces debut album