Lords Of The New Church Mark 30 Year Anniversary With The Gospel Truth

Lords Of The New Church Mark 30 Year Anniversary With The Gospel Truth

It has been 30 years since The Lords Of The New Church first formed and launched themselves, sometimes literally, into the lime light. To commemorate this milestone they are set to release a box set entitled ‘The Gospel Truth’ via Easy Action Records. The new compilation will feature never before heard live tracks, rare studio songs, an as yet unseen DVD from Austria plus loads more.

For those of you who don’t know these bad boys from the postpunk era are Brian James (The Damned), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69), Nick Turner(The Barracudas), and Adam Becvare (The Lustkillers). Adam joined the band in2003 after the tragic death of forming member Stiv Bastors in Paris in 1990after being hit by a car. Having released seven albums so far including two live albums they will have a lot to draw from for the new release including their top 40 hit in Canada ‘Open Your Eyes’ which was released in 1982 or perhaps their cover of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’?

The bands time together was quite tempestuous to say the least with both Stiv and Dave left then returned and at one point Brian even advertised for a new singer, without telling Stiv he was being replaced. This led to Stiv performing their final gig together in a t-shirt covered in the advert for his replacement. The off stage antics paled in comparison with what happened once the lights went up on stage. High octane and highly dangerous stunts were what their show was about, apart from the music of course! This rock ‘n’ roll daring lead to a near death experience for Stiv when he accidently hanged himself with the microphone wire and was technically dead for several minutes. High jinks on stage is a rock ‘n’ roll norm for many bands but few ever managed to do it with as much style and such utter disregard to life and limb while still playing awesome music as these guys did and still do.


Like A Virgin

Live on The Tube

Fot more information go to http://www.easyaction.co.uk

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Lords Of The New Church Mark 30 Year Anniversary With The Gospel Truth