LOUISE DISTRAS Middlesbrough February Show Announced

LOUISE DISTRAS Middlesbrough February Show Announced



Plus support   JOE SOLO + ARCANE 39

Saturday 8 February 2014 @ 7.30 (7pm doors)

WESTGARTH SOCIAL CLUB, Southfield Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3EZ

£5 adv  £7 door Tickets available from the bar at the Westgarth or on line from Ticketsource



“There will always be two flames burning in the human heart; the flame of anger against injustice and the flame of hope that you can build a better world. It is my job to go around fanning both flames.”  It is not clear if Tony Benn had heard LOUISE DISTRAS when he said that but, in uttering those words, he has defined her musical mission.   Fresh from a European tour, and armed only with her acoustic guitar and a powerful and passionate voice, Louise Distras is in the process of stoking up real excitement amongst fans of punk, rock and protest song. There have been some exciting nights at the Westgarth recently but this appearance by the “21st Century Joe Strummer” promises to turn it up a notch.  Louise’s album “Dreams from the Factory Floor” is a slab of bare-your-tonsils-to-the-world folk/punk anger and passion.  Don’t miss this chance to see her in the Boro.

What’s this? An acoustic album in a rock and metal top ten albums of the year?  Well this is one album that deserves to be here, it rocks the socks off far heavier material purely by being such a well written piece of work. Distras wryly observes the world around her, putting much needed perspective on everyday life and its frustrations. Coming across a bit like a punked up female Billy Bragg the Wakefield singer song writer is yet another example of the quality that can be found in the realms of the DIY artist.” GARY TRUEMAN METAL MOUTH

“The voice of an angel from the gutter – Louise Distras is a messenger for these hard times where the gap between rich and poor is growing rapidly. She brings hope and reminds us that we can still fight for a change. With “Dreams from the Factory Floor” she proves that she has more balls than most people out there and with such a great debut she is already a star.” SONIC SHOCKS FANZINE

“Right here and right now the UK should be proud of its music scene as yet again we’ve produced something rather spectacular.  Just when you think you have heard it all, you get someone like Louise coming along who redefines whole genres, breaks boundaries, ignores all the normal rules yet still crafts something beautiful”. MEDIA ESSENTIALS


With ten albums in eight years, great song writing, live performances that have sent his audiences home exhilarated and exhausted, and his ability to hold down a day job, bring up a family, write books and help the disadvantaged in the community, it is amazing that Joe still has time for crusading against the extremes of capitalism.  But he does it.  And he entertains too and, as he would say, he can “start a revolution in an empty room”.   Joe is no stranger to the Westgarth, having sent Teesside audiences bonkers on several previous appearances.  We love him, of course, and, on this occasion, he has his shiny new album “No Pasaran” to bring to us and help us through these dark times. Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Solo’s time has come and no self-respecting Teessider, who cares about the state of the planet, will want to miss him.


Arcane 39 are a ‘New Wave’ rock band from Middlesbrough that formed in 2012, led by their fearless punk Boudica Emma Taylor who whacks the bass and sings from the heart putting her own uniqueness and energy into every song. When guitarist Louise Tonner is not kicking the cr*p out of her fellow kick boxers she can be found supplying the solid Arcane guitar sound to the baying crowd. Born from an egg on a mountain top, Monkey Russ sweats, gurns and occasionally drums in time, keeping the songs cracking along at a breakneck pace and local legend Jonny Phage brings it all together with guitar wizardry creating wave after wave of sonic heaven topped off with a wry smile.
The band wear their varied influences on their sleeves creating a tightness only to be found with bands used to gigging on a regular basis. Emma writes songs based on her life experiences which are straight to the point, cheeky, quirky, definitely no slushy love songs, and made with a true DIY ethic.
They have recently recorded a 7 track promotional EP, produced by David Curle from First Avenue studios in Newcastle. The EP has a raw, crunchy sound to it, which the band really loves pretty much capturing their live sound with a few extras added into the mix.

Local promoters Building Bridges and Big Figure Promotions are proud to bring this amazing line-up to the heart of Middlesbrough.

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LOUISE DISTRAS Middlesbrough February Show Announced