Lowell Announces Sophomore Album Out This Friday On Arts & Crafts + Shares "War Face"

Lowell Announces Sophomore Album Out This Friday On Arts & Crafts + Shares "War Face"

Lowell Announces Sophomore Album Lone Wolf
Out This Friday, April 6th On Arts & Crafts
Reveals Lead Single “War Face

“Irresistible pop hooks” Rolling Stone
“Lowell is no ordinary pop chanteuse” The New York Times
“Her music is sweet, but with an intentional, inseparable grit” NPR
“It’s like Grimes having a dance off with Lykke Li. In a disco ball” – Noisey
“Rooted in bubbly pop but executed with a punk rock, mischievous edge” Pigeons & Planes
“Carries on Le Tigre’s legacy of mixing activism and dancefloor-friendly beats” – Entertainment Weekly
“Lowell is a pop singer to look out for” Consequence Of Sound
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Multi-talented alt-pop singer-songwriter-producer Lowell announces her sophomore album Lone Wolf set for release on April 6th via Arts & Crafts. A ten-track collection of deeply personal songs that reflect on the power and influence of youth, Lone Wolf is the crystallization of teenage perspective, harnessing the irrepressible energy of it.

Featuring the vibrant production of Zale Epstein (Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar), Davey Badiuk (Tegan and Sara, Dragonette), and Gus Van Go (The Stills, Wintersleep), Lone Wolf ranges from alt-pop ballads to ferocious dancefloor rally-cries. Today, Lowell shares lead single “War Face,” previously featured in the 2017 season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Highlighted by a relentless battle rhythm, the infectious track draws listeners in with its anthemic chorus and upbeat, clever production.

In 2014, it was the juxtaposition of sweet pop melodies and pointed political content that brought attention to We Loved Her Dearly, Lowell’s critically acclaimed debut. Lone Wolf by contrast stands alone, finding a place where both youth and maturity exist harmoniously. While still as dynamic and spirited as its predecessor, Lowell more powerfully explores themes of self-discovery – this time distilled through the lens of her teenage self.

Even though the album revels in its driving and danceable pop, it is these more subdued and tender moments that truly show the maturity of this collection of songs. “Ghosts” and “Cut the Cord” are where she really peels back the curtain lyrically and becomes more than ever, not the wolf, nor the indie pop star, or the bisexual ex-stripper feminist, but Lowell the person. Lowell reminds us of the big picture, that despite everything, from our life’s endeavors, to our politics; in the end, “you and I will eventually just fade away like ghosts.” Lowell recognizes this, she is aware that in the end we all become irrelevant. Across the album, the lyrics remind listeners that young people are worth listening to; that they are strong, resilient, and free of the cynicism that tends to define adulthood.

Lone Wolf is also a celebration of who Lowell is now: a mature and accomplished songwriter who in the last few years has not only written for Icona Pop, Dragonette, Netsky, and Grandtheft, but has also had a strong hand in developing Canada’s newest rising star, 18 year-old Bülow. Lowell has accomplished all of this while writing her own impressive body of work. The new album encompasses what Lowell has proven she does best: creating masterful pop-music-in-disguise, replete with energetic percussion, heavy toms, and soaring vocals.


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Lone Wolf Tracklist
1. War Face
2. Bitter Rivals
3. Runaways
4. Lone Wolf
5. Vegas
6. No Talk
7. Bang Bang
8. Ghosts
9. Cut The Cord
10. Wintersleep


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Lowell Announces Sophomore Album Out This Friday On Arts & Crafts + Shares "War Face"