Lucy Mason releases stunning new video for ‘Hunger’Lucy Mason releases stunning new video for ‘Hunger’

Lucy Mason releases stunning new video for ‘Hunger’Lucy Mason releases stunning new video for ‘Hunger’

Lucy Mason

Watch the new video for ‘Hunger’

New EP ‘Going Home Broke’ out on March 31st


“Honeyed riffs and nuanced ’80s pop touches, with gorgeous, vintage keys underpinning every move Mason makes.” – The Line Of Best Fit 

“Haunting vocals and clear, brilliantly-produced pop” – The Independent 

Dream-pop soloist Lucy Mason has shared her stunning new video, directed and produced by celebrated videographer Matt Sharp, the high quality and cinematic visuals of which mirror her graceful and seamless new single, ‘Hunger’, out January 27th.


In March, Mason will release ‘Going Home Broke’, her heartfelt magnum opus that not only reveals a new side to her songwriting but her subject matter too. The five gloriously produced Baroque pop tracks each tell a different story and whilst ethereal synth are allowed to wash over delicate keys it’s the enchanting vocals that invite you into her world of honesty and heartache.


“Since moving from Australia almost five years ago, my life has been a whirlwind of highs and lows which ultimately lead to my breaking point” she explains, “I had allowed disappointment, frustration and failure to take over my life and it had to end”. And it’s this defiant attitude that makes the EP such a confident statement of intent, Mason uses her emotions here, rather than wallowing in them.


‘Hunger’ was produced by experimental multi-instrumentalist Ed Tullett, who has brought us an elegant take on the song with a powerful, uplifting chorus and beautiful clarity. The remaining four tracks on ‘Going Home Broke’ were produced by a variety of people from around the world, Jess Ellen in London (Feels like Midnight, Going Home Broke), Nik Karlin in Australia (Teenage Fire) and Andy Mak in LA (Latest Love).


Her earnest lyrics and unique style have already seen her receive critical acclaim from the likes of The 405, Clash and Hilly Dilly, who have praised ‘her commanding voice’ and ‘polished compositions’, as well as rack up radio plays on BBC Introducing, Triple J and Amazing Radio.


This magnificent collection took a year to perfect, and is a story best told by Lucy herself; “The title came into my head during the break I was taking from making music and it slowly became my saying and began shaping my next moves toward this EP. ‘Going Home Broke’ is my greatest and most honest expression so far as an artist. Each song tells a real story for this moment in my life and I don’t think I could’ve found the way to say it until I let it all go. The thought behind it is something I know everyone can relate to. It’s about giving it all that you have, and if you have to give up, then you’ll be giving it everything you’ve got before you do. It may leave you financially broke, emotionally broken or even physically exhausted from how hard you tried, but at least we won’t regret that we tried. I wouldn’t trade the last 5 years for anything. This EP is the outcome of a whole new level of creativity that I could’ve only found in my breaking, and regardless of its success, I am so proud of it.”


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Lucy Mason releases stunning new video for ‘Hunger’Lucy Mason releases stunning new video for ‘Hunger’