Mad Cool Festival 2018 Announce The Black Madonna

Mad Cool Festival 2018 Announce The Black Madonna


confirmed for Mad Cool 2018

One of the most respected international electronic djs The Black Madonna (Marea Stamper) will bring her atmospheric and euphoric set to Mad Cool Festival 2018.

The Black Madonna is a resident dj at the legendary Smart Bar in Chicago and got her name due to her notorious sessions in the bar, where she plays irresistible dance hits produced by herself as Exodus or A Jealous Heart Never Rests.

Born in Kentucky, she’s been a resident dj since 2012 at the Smart Bar, together with Derrick Carter and Frankie Knuckles. One year later, in 2013, The Black Madonna became the creative director of the bar due to her philosophy and deep understanding of dance music.

Her talent and savior faire are more than well known and during her sessions she captivates the audience through her unstoppably infectious energy. Her kaleidoscopic point of view allows her to mix, in one set, an amazing variety of music genres that go from Italo- disco to techno.

The Black Madonna will arrive at Mad Cool Festival 2018 in the peak moment of her career. Her energy and amazing vinyl collection will bring the part to Madrid. If electronic music needed riot grrrls, The Black Madonna is the Leader.


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Mad Cool Festival 2018 Announce The Black Madonna