Magic Island Streams ‘Like Water’ LP via Hype Machine | Out 2/24 on Mansions and Millions

Magic Island Streams ‘Like Water’ LP via Hype Machine | Out 2/24 on Mansions and Millions




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Berlin-via-Canada artist Magic Island is now streaming her new album Like Water via Hype Machine, who say “the album is a mature work, draping introspective lyrics with moody, melodic production”. She recently shared the album’s title track on i-D, you can listen to it here. The track currently has over 200k plays on Spotify. Like Water is out 2/24 on Mansions and Millions.


Magic Island will be playing SXSW in March, along with other tour dates listed below:


Feb 24 – Berlin – West Germany
Feb 25 – Paris – L’époque
Feb 26 – Amsterdam – Mediamatic
Mar 02 – Warsaw – Poglos
Mar 11 – Dresden – TBA

Mar 13 – SXSW – Barracuda Backyard (Official Showcase)
Mar 15 – SXSW – ACC
Mar 16 –  SXSW – Hotel Indigo
Mar 17 – SXSW – Escapes Festival
Mar 17 – SXSW – CU29 (Official Showcase)
Mar 18 – SXSW – Holiday Inn


Somewhere between a day-dream, late night strobe lights, and love confusion, you might find the sounds and themes of the electronic dream pop solo set of Magic Island. In her Berlin-based paradise, Magic Island builds us mystical, almost too-sweet lo-fi ballads that pull, unassumingly, at all the things we know too well– the feeling of yet another sunrise, the easy melt into– and then the painful fall out– of love. Underneath what seems like simple “Baby Blu” lyrics, we feel darker undertones and an honesty that leaves us all feeling a little bit vulnerable. From soft bedroom tracks to catchy anthems, Magic pulls in the world’s superficiality, harnesses it, and gives it right back to us with some addictive hooks and few effortless lines.

After first EP Intoxicated Sunset and followed by Wasted Dawn EP, Like Water, the artist’s first full-length is due to release February 2017 and features Berlin-based producer Karolini and vocals from Sean Nicholas Savage. Magic Island has played at SXSW, Garbicz Festival, Fusion Festival, The Lab Magazine’s Regenerate event series, C/O Pop Festival, and openings for Tune-yards (4AD), Soft Metals (Captured Tracks), Hundred Waters (OWSLA), Jaako Eino Kalevi, Sean Nicholas Savage, Evvol, James K (UNO), and many more.


“‘Alchemy’ will swaddle you like your favorite blanket” – The 405


01. Intro / The Waves Crash
02. Shepherd
03. Like Water
04. Little Love ft. Sean Nicholas Savage
05. Heartbeat
06. daysgoby
07. Alchemy
08. Wonders
09. Ostsee

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Magic Island Streams ‘Like Water’ LP via Hype Machine | Out 2/24 on Mansions and Millions