Manic Street Preachers Release ‘National Treasures’ And Announce UK O2 Gig

Manic Street Preachers Release ‘National Treasures’ And Announce UK O2 Gig

MSP_national_treasures_coverMANIC STREET PREACHERS will release a brand new track to coincide with the release of their complete singles collection album, and have announced details of a very special one-off Christmas show performing all the songs on the album at the O2 in London on Saturday 17th December 2011.

MSP_the_manics-photo_6eTHIS IS THE DAY’ is released on 7th November and is a cover of the 1983 The The track taken from the synth-noir classic album ‘Soul Mining’.   The band have been fans of the  group and their version echoes the original whilst bringing a new dynamic production and their own distinctive sound to the song. ‘NATIONAL TREASURES’ features the band’s 37 previous single releases from the last 21 years and 10 studio albums.   It’s also the first time since 1992’s ‘Suicide Is Painless (Theme from M*A*S*H)  the Manics have released a cover version as a single despite recording and playing live many versions of their favourite tracks over the years.   Formats and the tracklisting for the album have also now been confirmed, see details below.

To celebrate this release, the band will play a unique, once in a lifetime Christmas party at the O2 in London.  The band promise “Glitter, glamour, special guests and a ticker-tape celebration.  A never to be repeated one-off visual experience encompassing 21 years of MSP with 38 songs – from 1990’s ‘Motown Junk’ to (but not in order!) 2011’s ‘The Is The Day’.  There will be an interval in order to top up on refreshments and like all the best parties, you’ll talk about it for years to come and your friends will wish they’d been there.”

31 October                  NATIONAL TREASURES

The album is released via iTunes and iTunes LP, as a double CD, a 2 x CD + DVD set featuring all 38 videos and some bonus video content and an amazing box set with 38 x vinyl finish CD Singles, a poster, a DVD of all the videos, 7” vinyl of New Art Riot, Suicide Alley, Jackie Collins Existential Question Time, Manics lipstick and vanity mirror and a limited number will also contain a 7” of Motown Junk. All the singles have been re-mastered. See for further details.


17 December               LONDON, O2 ARENA

Tickets go on sale Friday 2nd September at 9.30am priced £32.50 and £22.50




General sale:

Box Office details: 0844 856 0202 /0844 811 0051 - / 0844 826 2826


no reunions, no comebacks, no encores, still angry

still James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire, Sean Moore and the memory of Richey Edwards


“But the side of you they’ll never see, Is when you’re left alone with the memories, That hold your life together … like glue” Matt Johnson

National Treasures Tracklisting:

Motown Junk                                                                    (Heavenly)  1990

Stay Beautiful                                                                    Generation Terrorists  1991

Love’s Sweet Exile                                                            Generation Terrorists  1991

You Love Us                                                                      Generation Terrorists  1992

Slash ‘N’ Burn                                                                    Generation Terrorists  1992

Motorcycle Emptiness                                                   Generation Terrorists  1992

Suicide Is Painless                                                            Theme From M*A*S*H   1992

Little Baby Nothing                                                          Generation Terrorists  1992

From Despair To Where                                                Gold Against The Soul   1993

La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh)                   Gold Against The Soul  1993

Roses In The Hospital                                                     Gold Against The Soul  1993

Life Becoming A Landslide                                           Gold Against The Soul  1993

Faster                                                                                     The Holy Bible  1994

Revol                                                                                      The Holy Bible  1994

She Is Suffering                                                                 The Holy Bible  1994

A Design For Life                                                                Everything Must Go  1996

Everything Must Go                                                          Everything Must Go  1996

Kevin Carter                                                                         Everything Must Go  1996

Australia                                                                                Everything Must Go  1996

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next   This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours  1998

The Everlasting                                                                    This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours  1998

You Stole The Sun From My Heart                               This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours  1998

Tsunami                                                                                  This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours  1998

The Masses Against The Classes                                   2000

So Why So Sad                                                                     Know Your Enemy  2001

Found That Soul                                                                Know Your Enemy  2001

Ocean Spray                                                                          Know Your Enemy  2001

Let Robeson Sing                                                             Know Your Enemy  2001

There By The Grace Of God                                          Forever Delayed  2002

The Love Of Richard Nixon                                            Lifeblood  2004

Empty Souls                                                                        Lifeblood  2004

Your Love Alone Is Not Enough                                    Send Away The Tigers  2007

Autumnsong                                                                       Send Away The Tigers  2007

Indian Summer                                                                 Send Away The Tigers  2007

(It’s Not War) Just The End Of Love                           Postcards From A Young Man  2010 

Some Kind Of Nothingness                                           Postcards From A Young Man  2010

Postcards From A Young Man                                      Postcards From A Young Man  2010

This is the Day                                                                   National Treasures 2011


The first single I bought by MSP, not the last.

Summed up a sad time
Never a true quote used so rightfully…
2010 Ten albums and Counting – please do not stop!
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Manic Street Preachers Release ‘National Treasures’ And Announce UK O2 Gig