Marmozets, February 25th 2015 @ Newcastle Riverside

Marmozets, February 25th 2015 @ Newcastle Riverside

After spending what felt like an eternity I eventually got parked what felt like miles away from The Riverside. After trecking through the cold I was eventually welcomed to a packed room and the weird ambient sound of Thought Forms who

were opening the Marmozets show tonight.

With a bizarre drone like style mixed with a more hippy vibe Thought Forms get the night started off well but seem to not exactly fit the bill but hey if every band on every tour was the exact same style life would be very boring.

Up next are a band I was very interested in and that was Steak Number Eight all the way from Germany for this UK tour. A band that’s style is completely out there, a band who manage to incorporate hardcore, riffage and ambience as well as a

next level intensity.

Only on stage about thirty minutes Steak Number Eight were able to captivate the crowd. Yes the crowd in no way went insane but to see a room full of heads nodding, hands raised and thunderous rounds of applause after every song has to

show that Steak Number Eight had won the crowd over.

Last up Marmozets, a band I’ve heard of loads about over the past year but being the now mid to late twenties music fan I am I’m kind of in the stage of “I like what I know and I’m sticking to it”. Thankfully this has changed when it comes to

Marmozets. A kind of rock and roll meets hardcore with pop choruses. Marmozets proved tonight instantly that female fronted rock can have edge and that a woman can be more of a showman than any guy.

I would like to list songs and describe how well they were played but due to a busy work commitment as of late (unfortunately reviewing isn’t my main job ) I’ve only had a chance to listen to clips on youtube, but I’m off work tomorrow and come

9am when HMV opens I’m off to buy myself Marmozets debut album. 8.5/10
Christopher Storey

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Marmozets, February 25th 2015 @ Newcastle Riverside