Marty McKay – ‘New York City Dreams’

Marty McKay – ‘New York City Dreams’

Hailing from Zurich, Swiss artist and musician, Marty McKay, brings to the table alongside his prior 2014 release, his debut album, Sin’s Disciple, his latest musical endeavor, New York City Dreams, a cluster of songs that span the illuminated chaos of the Big Apple.

These set of 9 songs has McKay diving into a more alt-rock feel, having traded his Hip Hop stance for a more rock paved sound.

This departure has led McKay to feature tracks that reverberate strongly with a more rock ‘n’ roll vibe accompanied with his steady timbre and spiraling guitar riffs that strike a tightly spun set of songs.

In tracks like, “Escape”, “Empire Town”, “Out of the Blue”, and “When the Lights Go Out”, the tight-knit structure around the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ offers a enlightening look into the cityscape amidst a dramatic drumming set and a powerful chorus.  These renditions greatly romanticizes the brevity between the dreaming and awakening states, and really gets to the heart of the city.

The gauzy and hazy overlays to songs like “Into the Fire” and Love Suicide”, offers an atmospheric element to the tracks.  With great energy and melodic flow, McKay assists the music in giving details in describing the greatly urbanized setting with twists of spinning guitars that moodily offers an ambiance layer to this city-life scenery.

Some of McKay’s moody creations contain metal influences.  In tracks like, “Another Life”, “Outta Sight Outta Mind”, and “Until the Pain is Gone”, follows a more lacerating approach towards music making.  These already intoxicating songs burns even more so with a righteous fervor, and yet McKay’s vocals never breaks into an outright scream.  He controls the rage in his voice, a steady balance between the two genres of rock and metal.

Marty McKay melds his blend of alt-rock with influences of metal to produce a genre-bending array of songs on his newest album, New York City Dreams.  With radio-active guitar solos, contagious/effective guitar riffs, and a drowning drum backbeat, New York City Dreams will be out on Feb. 24th. 7.7/10

My Nguyen

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Marty McKay – ‘New York City Dreams’