Masasolo – Single: Idaho / And To Know This

Masasolo – Single: Idaho / And To Know This

Hope the ongoing civil service worked Brexit negotiations will not stop or effect the output from the varied worthwhile music scenes of Europe. For example where can you easily form acceptance listing to cosmic tinged indie curtsey of Danish project Masasolo. We would be culturally less worthy without such artists.

Already familiar to quite a few from last year’s debut single ‘Really Thought She Loved Me’  which won many plaudits including as as radio station KCRW naming the single as  track of the day .

Danish vocalist and guitar player Morten Søgaard Andersen is the man behind Masasolo, where the band works as an outlet for musical experimentation, as well as a personal diary of the joys and pains of being a dreamer entering adulthood. Masasolo has a distinct guitar-driven indie sound and could be compared to Connan Mockasin, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Mac Demarco.

The double A single features ‘Idaho’ / ‘And To Know This’ the two songs from a forthcoming album. Both songs are produced by Morten himself and Caspar Hesselager from Palace Winter.

Still in touch with the feelings reanimated on ‘Idaho’ is concerned with love, the single is explains the duality of suddenly falling in love with someone, feeling happy and lucky but also being sentimental and stressed.  The single sounds warm, but flourished with good guitar leading to lyrics if insecurity and joy.

The slightly more gloomy, pinned by lyrics of regret and remorse. Looking to the near past, to someone once close, helps explain, but musically the track carries more invention perhaps.

Overall, a fairly good introduction to some, continued good work to others. If Masasolo can keep the standard up set by previous releases, the album promises much. 7.7/10

Steve Janes



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Masasolo – Single: Idaho / And To Know This