Matt Lande – ‘Underground’

Matt Lande – ‘Underground’

Portland-based Matt Lande grew up in a small Central Florida town that left him wanting more.  Lande began to steer his focus on music after he started taking guitar lessons during his senior year of High School.  Music became his passion and this led to him honing his skills as a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist on a number of regional bands that eventually led him to join alt-rockers StorySide: B.

Not long after joining the band, they signed a deal with Gotee/EMI and toured extensively in promotion of their album, Everything and More.  After spending another 3 years with the band, Lande eventually moved to LA, where he signed a new record deal as a lead vocalist, guitarist, writer, and co-producer for the band Heaven is Where.  He released 2 full length albums with them (Stories From Yesterday and Welcome Home The Child), and a side project (DarkStar the EP). 

In 2013, Lande relocated to Portland, OR, where the move ignited a fresh start to his music career.  The end of 2015 brought on the arrival of his widely lauded and critically acclaimed album GLOW, a series of emotive and powerful alternative, pop songs that allowed Lande to confidently explore and experiment on brand new material for his new album, Boxes.

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“Underground,” which will be on the upcoming record is a sonorous example of  Lande’s potential in executing magnetically alt pop music enlivened with an electronic approach.  The electronic modes and excellent piano melody relays an energetic and exciting, amped feel.  The sweeping notes elicits a gigantic sound.  The swirling, tilting layers add a fresh mix to the vibe that is ill-contained in the single.

The giant sound on “Underground” is something audiences can easily escape with.  Tinging with great pop sensibilities this single is seething with potential.  It’s sure-fire and spirited electronic beats and fizzy sounding guitars add another nuanced layer to the already deliberately expansive track.

The buzzworthy artist already featured by the likes of PopMatters and Impose is someone to look out for.  Matt Lande’s impressionistic alt pop vies between its magnetic approaches and emotionally powerful tunes.  In the DIY spirit, Lande continued to make finalizing touch-ups on his latest album right until the last minute.  In this intently hands-on manner, Lande proves himself to be a dedicated artist passionate about his craft. 7.8/10

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Boxes was mixed by iconic mastering engineer Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road and will be released Aug. 4th.

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Matt Lande – ‘Underground’