Maximo Park -The National Health

Maximo Park -The National Health

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Maximo Park return with new album ‘The National Health’ a record that they say is about taking control.
Starting off with the beautifully maudlin piano ballad ‘When I Was Wild’ things soon (scissor) kick off with the title track a searing anthem, the Geordie lads certainly have mastered their own brand of angular post punk shenanigans and The National Health is classic Maximo Park.

Proving once again that they are an excellent singles band, current offering ‘Hips And Lips’ is a scintillating slice of indie pop thrills that will be filling dance floors for the foreseeable future. When ‘Hips And Lips’ fully ignites it serves as a timely reminder as to how great Paul Smith & Co can actually be.

‘Write This Down’ with it’s dark synths, spiky guitar and passionately fevered chorus has SINGLE written all over it, few bands can deliver material this vital.
When Maximo Park slow things down their intelligent, articulate lyrics come to the fore but it is when they (ahem) apply some pressure that they truly excel.

‘Balieue’ up’s the ante yet again by throwing sonic guitar feedback into the mix and is another highlight.
‘The Natural Health’ may be album number 4 but the band show no signs of diminishing their jaunty, high brow indie rock just yet.
Another remarkable record, Maximo Park maintain their high calibre. 8/10

Jamie Gambino

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Maximo Park -The National Health