Maxwell / Miranda / Parsley Share "Too Many Santas" Video Via Brooklyn Vegan| ‘Catskill Christmas’ Out Now

Maxwell / Miranda / Parsley Share "Too Many Santas" Video Via Brooklyn Vegan| ‘Catskill Christmas’ Out Now

Maxwell / Miranda / Parsley Share “Too Many Santas” Video

Via Brooklyn Vegan

‘Catskill Christmas’

Out Now On Dangerbird Records


“The LP’s current single is “Too Many Santas,” a lovely little song about wanting to spend Christmas with the one you love….This video may be the only nice thing to come out of Santacon, ever…”
-Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn Vegan has shared the video for “Too Many Santas”, the newest single from Maxwell / Miranda / Parsley’s recently released holiday album entitled ‘Catskill Christmas’. The trio previous released the single for “Going To Get The Tree” on Brooklyn Vegan as well as the video on CLRVYNT. The album is out now via Dangerbird Records.


Thinking  it  a  wise  investment  of  time,  our  three  kings  spent  a  few  days  one  summer recording  a  Christmas  EP.  They  delighted  in  jingle  bells  and  BBQ,  while  taking  shelter from  the usual  dark  and  complicated  matter from  which their  songs usually  spring,  and frolicked   in   baubles,   holiday   weight   gain   and   the   loveliest   lie   ever   told.   This unsurprisingly became a summer tradition of theirs, and three years later, an album was born in a puff of smoke, under the brightest of stars.


‘Twas the end of the summer
and soon to be fall
When three tipsy minstrels
did hear a faint call
Whistling o’er mountain
and through the dark wood
A whisper of winter
Done blew through the ‘hood
They were several pints low
And searching for merry
Each knee deep in debt
a mortgage to carry
They tried to be cheery
despite the foreboding
But it’s hard for a minstrel
(‘cuz illegal downloading)
Now Miranda was humming
and clearing the dishes
Whilst Parsley was rolling
and rhyming up wishes
Good Maxwell sat fishing
through a wee bowl of candy
When “Screw it!” he chimed
and uncorked the brandy…


Micro-Lebanese/Arkansan Chris  Maxwell, once and forever Ludlow St “King of Guitar”, deals  his subversive  song  craft  weekly  for  Bob’s  Burgers,  far  more  rarely  for  we  live action mortals, in a Catskill Goat House haunted by Frankenstein & myrrh.

Lucky  charm/siren/snow  blower  &  Motor  City  refugee, Holly  Miranda  once  spent  an underage  Christmas  Eve  at  the  high  roller’s  table  in  Vegas  with  James  Caan.  Upon running  out  of  Jimmy’s  chips  and  magic  dust,  they  jetted  over  to  catch  Styx  at  Circus Circus.

Has-been French/Italian pop icon Ambrosia Parsley (seven weeks at #1; you can look it up…and suck it) flaunts her hardline 2nd amendment stance collecting Lego superhero weaponry for the coming apocalypse, ranks Vincent Price her favorite rapper.


Maxwell/Miranda/Parsley: Catskill Christmas – TRACKLISTING
Track list:
1 – Christmas Lights
2 – Going To Get The Tree
3 – Christmas Time
4 – Too Many Santas
5 – Ho Ho Home
6 – Christmas Aisle
7 – James Caan
8 – Angel Divine
9 – Christmas Mice
10 – A1 Instructional Barbering Plus
11 – Naughty Elf
12 – Holy Redeemer

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Maxwell / Miranda / Parsley Share "Too Many Santas" Video Via Brooklyn Vegan| ‘Catskill Christmas’ Out Now