Men They Couldn’t Hang: In 2014 Celebrate 30th anniversary

Men They Couldn’t Hang: In 2014 Celebrate 30th anniversary

2014 will be The Men They Couldn’t Hang’s 30th anniversary!  AND they will be coming to Undercover Festival on the 20th September.

That’s a long time since ‘Green Fields of France’, their epic debut recording, went to number 1 in the Independent Music Chart. It’s also 30 years since the Miner’s strike; encapsulated so poignantly in the band’s elegy ‘Shirt of Blue’ – a song the band still play today, its meaning always subtly shifting with the times…

‘Green Fields of France’

Since those two inaugural events occurred, the band have rambled and roamed the high roads, low roads, dusty roads and dead end roads of the Globe; from far flung to near, bringing the news, the blues and the stories of the day from the back of their trusty and battered old van.

With the exception of a long list of drummers, the line-up has remained the same since 1986 – Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers, Stefan Cush, Paul Simmonds and Ricky McGuire. With the addition of Tom Spencer on banjo/guitar and Nick Sputnik on drums and washboard, the current TMTCH is complete.

You may have caught some of this sweet pandemonium when the band played as special guest for Stiff Little Fingers on a National UK tour this year as they reminded live music fans what the original fuss was all about..

Next May the band intends to release a new studio album, funded by fans through the Pledge Music website. The campaign started this October, and runs until New Years Eve.

To get involved in the campaign visit:

Or for more information visit:


Twitter – #tmtchmusic

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Men They Couldn’t Hang: In 2014 Celebrate 30th anniversary