Menace Beach share "Ghoul Power"

Menace Beach share "Ghoul Power"



“Guitar lines skip and stumble through the band’s grungy muck, occasionally spiraling through a psych-rock stupor. Even the lyrics follow a similarly staggering path, with the layered vocals bouncing along happily before lurching into a sudden scream, or slopping into heavier tempers on the bridge and chorus”Consequence Of Sound
“If Menace Beach were from Brooklyn or Seattle the hype would be deafening” DIY
“joyfully capture the exhilaration of alternative’s recent past” Pitchfork
“like Bleach era Nirvana tanked up on candyfloss and ketamine” NME

Some bands don’t mess about. Having released their debut album Ratworld in January of this year, Menace Beach’s fizzing, over caffeinated creativity needed another outlet. So, in-between touring with the likes of Drenge and the Cribs, and becoming one of Johnny Marr’s new favourite bands, Menace Beach found time to head into the Suburban Home studio with Hookworm’s MJ to record a brand new EP, set for release 25th September on Memphis Industries.

Today they have shared “Ghoul Power” via Consequence Of Sound. This new song cranks up the grunge in a tale about a pocket-size alien ghoul who soaks up your darkness and anxieties, who ends up a sweaty pale wreck after Menace Beach take him to too many parties and it shows (“It isn’t meant to be as cheaply metaphorical as it sounds” says Ryan).

Hear Ghoul Power

Elsewhere on the EP, title track “Super Transporterreum” is inspired by a flu-fever hallucination Liza experience while on tour and perfectly sums up Menace Beach’s off-kilter approach: all effervescent melody and hurtling fuzzed up guitars, not to mention the  juddering half-speed choruses that, according to Menace Beach, feature “three bass guitars simultaneously doing a Bryan May riff.”

“Hey Toupe” is an adrenaline-fuelled arpeggiated thrash that Ryan says is “about a guy in London that made my skin crawl so much that it left my body and started heading back up the M1.” “The Line”‘s big hearted Big Star inspired melodicism was written after spending the afternoon doing a Geri Haliwell workout video in Rotterdam with a pensioner, and “Radiate Me” is either about being so fed up “I was praying for a nuclear missile to smash straight into my stupid face” (Ryan) or “A nice song about the sun” (Liza).

The Super Transporterreum EP is a distillation of what Menace Beach have previously called their “own grubby little Ratworld”, now with added technicolour. With band leaders Ryan and Liza’s unmistakable vocal interplay coming to the fore, their lopsided surreal and esoteric creativity means they have created a sound that is unmistakably their own.

Menace Beach will head in to the studio to record their second album shortly, and are on tour this year.

03 Sep – End of the Road Festival
18 Sep – Point Ephemere, Paris
19 Sep – Leffingeleuren Festival, Belgium
20 Sep – Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
22 Sep – Comet Club, Berlin
23 Sep – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg
25 Sep – Liverpool Pool intl Psych Fest
30 Sep – Harley, Sheffield
01 Oct – XFM X:posure Live, Barfly
02 Oct – Bodega, Nottingham

“Super Transporterreum”

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Menace Beach share "Ghoul Power"