Mermaidens share new single "Sunstone" – taken from album Perfect Body due out on Flying Nun on 4 August

Mermaidens share new single "Sunstone" – taken from album Perfect Body due out on Flying Nun on 4 August


Share new single “Sunstone” via Loud & Quiet

New album Perfect Body due out via Flying Nun on 4 August

Listen to “Sunstone” here

Sunstone” is the new single from New Zealand band Mermaidens, taken from the forthcoming album Perfect Body, which is due out on 4 August via Flying Nun. The track was shared via Loud and Quiet who called it “caustic” and “sprawling”.

The band’s Gussie Larkin goes on to explain; “Sunstone is made up of three contrasting sections, gradually becoming more and more brutal as the song progresses. I didn’t want the song to have a ‘hook’ that it returns to – instead I wanted to create an unpredictable journey: full of time signature changes, evolving guitar textures and imposing vocals. It’s a not a song you can just put on in the background! The lyrics explore a few different zones of my mind – from the desire to reassure an anxious friend to the dynamics and complexities of a relationship. For the ‘chorus’ I settled on the words “100 floating beings come down!” simply because I needed something fun to yell – and I also love the imagery of that. ‘Floating Beings’ is also a nod to our first album cover, which is an illustration of a vibrating floating body. Sunstone finishes up with a mantra-like chant that is still an earworm for me: “Wish I could loosen/Wish I could lose/Wish I could loosen under my skin.”

Mermaidens are a three-piece outfit from Wellington, New Zealand, who are defined by intricate and unique songwriting, boldly raw – yet increasingly refined – studio production, and a hypnotic live synergy that leaves audiences enchanted. Drawing inspiration from bands like Warpaint, Fugazi, Exploded View and Sleater-Kinney, Mermaidens’ sound offers a mesmerising dip into the realms of post-punk and psych. The voices of Gussie Larkin and Lily West embrace warm harmonies and dreamy, hypnotic lyrics, entwined with dark and moody riff-based melodies, underpinned by Abe Hollingsworth‘s fluid and dynamic percussion.

Mermaidens burst onto the New Zealand scene with their widely acclaimed debut EP O in 2014 and went on to release their debut album Undergrowth in 2016. As a result, they were offered dozens of shows and international support slots, which led to them being picked up by Flying Nun Records, who release the band’s first international album, Perfect Body, on 4 August.

Perfect Body features many of the familiar characteristics of the Mermaidens’ sound, with twinkly, reverb-laden guitar lines, rich vocal harmonies and vibrant drums. They have expanded on these sounds, bringing in even more dynamic elements, building richer melodic layers and a wider range of guitar textures, as they explore different levels of dissonance. Each song bursts with energy and variety, with contrasting light and dark, and they’ve left space for mellow and brooding instrumentals underpinning a powerful vocal melody.

Mermaidens pride themselves on an engaging and polished live performance. Their impressive portfolio of support slots and sold out shows, attests to the charm and excellence of their live show. In just a few years Mermaidens have sold out major venues in New Zealand as well as supporting acts such as Death Cab For Cutie, Sleater Kinney and Mac Demarco.

As a band who have grown dramatically since their inception, both creatively and musically, Mermaidens are undoubtedly a band to watch very closely, and are set to make a similar impact on the global music scene as they have at home in New Zealand.



Perfect Body

Track List:

1. Perfect Body
2. Sunstone
3. Lizard
4. Mind Slow
5. Smothering Possession
6. Satsuma
7. Give it up
8. Fade

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Mermaidens share new single "Sunstone" – taken from album Perfect Body due out on Flying Nun on 4 August