Metronomy Backstage At RockNess

Metronomy Backstage At RockNess

As Metronomy continue to tour around the world Jamie Gambino meet up with bass player Gbenga backstage at RockNess to discuss possible Queens Of The Stone Age collaborations and his solo DJ sets.
How was playing in LA recently?

We spent a week in LA and it was really nice. We did 3 Coldplay shows and one of our own, we met up with Josh Homme as well
I saw Brody Dalle mention that on twitter, she thought you were amazing!

Yeah! And they were both very lovely, they insisted on taking us for drinks so that was nice.
Any future collaborations with either Josh or Brody on the cards then?

It’s so early days and they live on a different continent to us but it was so nice. Metronomy all have very diverse tastes in music, but QOTSA are one of the few bands we all love… Them and The Beatles!

You’re doing loads of festivals this summer, how do European ones compare to ones in America?
American festivals and European ones are very different things. The contemporary festival is something that has been developed in Europe, at Coachella you can’t take alcohol into the main site so the atmosphere is totally different. Everyone at European festivals are really up for it!
You said the Metronomy light show would be changing, how has it altered since the NME tour?
We don’t have the chest lights anymore. They haven’t been retired for ever, we have just been touring with the same ones for three and a half years. It’s amazing seeing as we don’t have spares that they haven’t broken up until now, were planning a new stage show for next album
Any progress on the new record?

Joe has got around 15 songs but we have shows until September so nothing will really happen until after then.

Who are looking forward to seeing at RockNess tonight?

I am really looking forward to seeing Biffy Clyro because one of my favourite gigs was seeing them play Barfly in London. They were touring ‘Infinity Land’ which is one of my favourite albums and I’ve not seen them live since, so seeing them headline a festival in Scotland should be a really fun show.

You have also been doing DJ sets alongside the Metronomy tour how important is it for you to have a creative outlet?

It’s not something I’ve thought about that much, I started writing music when I was 11 or 12 then I got into producing when I was 15 or 16 so it’s something I’ve always done way before anyone paid me to do it. Because Metronomy is Joe’s band in the sense he writes all the music, it’s just natural for someone who writes music to have another creative outlet
So what can we expect from your DJ set tonight?

Every BPM from 125 to 200 in the space of an hour!

Metronomy photos by Phil Hutchinson

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Metronomy Backstage At RockNess