Mi Mye Share Romantic & Rainy Video For New Festive Single ‘I’m Dreaming Of A…’Mi

Mi Mye Share Romantic & Rainy Video For New Festive Single ‘I’m Dreaming Of A…’Mi

Mi Mye Share Romantic & Rainy Video For New Festive Single ‘I’m Dreaming Of A…’


Mi Mye have shared the video for their new Christmas single ‘I’m Dreaming Of A…’ released this Friday on Leeds/Wakefield DIY labels, Hide & Seek Records and Philophobia Music. The video was created by the band and inspired by rainy scenes in old romantic movies…

Originally the solo moniker of songwriter Jamie Lockhart, Mi Mye became a larger project when Jamie moved from the Highlands of Scotland where he grew up, to Wakefield, his now adopted city. They released their fourth album this year, the acclaimed ’The Sympathy Sigh’. Principally they’re a band that make beautiful, clever and sincere music.


Mi Mye – ‘I’m dreaming of a…’


“We all need music to wrap ourselves up in, music that says it’s ok, music that inspires some feeling within us to remind us that we are alive… and then the snare drum does that bap bap fill, and they all stamp on their pedals, and we all get whisked off to happyland with the confetti cannons and the unbridled joy promised by existence.”
– The 405
“Each song has a nakedly personal element, yet it never feels self-indulgent”
– Clash Music
“What is certain is that Mi Mye have created a glorious record in The Sympathy Sigh. Melancholic? Absolutely, but it’s sprinkled throughout with moments of joy, inspiration and charm. Moments that’ll make you feel like you’re floating. Or melting.”
– Overblown
Mi Mye is a lush collection of snapshots from the north of Scotland, where principal songwriter and lyricist Jamie Lockhart grew up, and Wakefield, the place he now calls home.


Jean Arp (Hans Arp), the Dada artist, thought that if you fiddle a little something on the drums and you drum a little something on a fiddle then the clouds would descend and roll around in happiness. This is something that Jamie has held in his mind for a long time and it has always been a reference for his music. He now thinks the sentiment might have been more about life in general, and the quote is integral to the new Christmas single “I’m dreaming of a”.
Jamie spent a lot of 2016 in the Highlands of Scotland. In the vast open spaces he couldn’t detect the sulphur smell which seemed to have permeated everything in Wakefield since taking a homeopathic remedy for his intolerance of his phone. On the train home after one of his visits north he noticed the sulphur smell creeping back in to everything he encountered. For a brief moment he wondered if he should stay with the clean air, but remembered his love is where he wants to be, and pressed on.
Mi Mye has evolved from a moniker for Jamie Lockhart to become a band of five with Rob Slater, Daniel Charlesworth, Morgan Evans and Emily Ingham.
Following on from the album “The Sympathy Sigh”, Mi Mye will be releasing their new Christmas single “I’m dreaming of a..” on Hide and Seek Records and Philophobia Music on the 16th of December.
The single will be showcased at Mi Mye’s Christmas show hosted by High and Lonesome on the 18th of December at The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds.

Ticket link –  https://www.musicglue.com/high-and-lonesome/events/18-dec-16-mi-mye—im-dreaming-of-a-single-launch-brudenell-social-club/


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Mi Mye Share Romantic & Rainy Video For New Festive Single ‘I’m Dreaming Of A…’Mi