MICHAEL FORREST Single: ‘Infinite London’

MICHAEL FORREST Single: ‘Infinite London’

Released on Good To Hear – 10th February 2014

One unholy beast, matching the lurid IDM of, say Amon Tobin, with the glitch-hop of early Flying Lotus… A swarm of noise and texture” Clash

“Multi-Instrumental production wizard” Time Out

“Jump down an electronic rabbit-hole with this sound-warping UK producer.” Societe Perrier

With elements of both rave and techno-pop, it has quite a unique feel” Hold Up Now

“The beat whips and crunches through the airwaves with all kinds of percussion thrown into the mix and constantly keeps the listener on their toes” Exploding Head Syndrome

Released on 10th February ‘Infinite London’ is the first segment single to be taken from experimental multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Michael Forrest’s innovate and interactive App driven album ‘Infinite Music Machine’.

Live music is different every time it is played. A recording, all things being equal, stays the same. What is released has always been fixed in time – three minutes, 45 minutes, two hours, frozen in time forever as a recording or broadcast.  The ‘Infinite Music Machine’ is a software-based music release that sounds different every time it’s played through a smartphone or tablet.  1000 loops were recorded and the App was developed by Forrest that re-sequences those loops according to an algorithm. Fixed recordings afford much more attention to detail than algorithmically structured music; so it now becomes a trade-off between duration and variation / predictability which offers more surprises and has the potential for infinite playback with new discoveries being made on every listen.

Video for ‘Infinite London’:


‘Infinite London’ is an ambitious and visceral Electronic track that whips and crunches through exuberant passageways with mischievously dark undercurrents; changing pace and overlapping with warmth and textures it’s an interesting insight the fuller experience that is ‘Infinite Music Machine’. With influences lying in Mouse on Mars, Cinematic Orchestra, Tricky and Amon Tobin; ‘Infinite Music Machine’ also hints at moments of Black Dice, Autechre, Clark, Four Tet and Battles.


As well as a highly accomplished and innovative musician he is a promoter and very much part of the London experimental electronica circuit and runs SQUARES, which has featured; Max Tundra, Digitonal, Chik Budo, OMMM and Graham Dunning amongst others.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/michael.forrest.music


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MICHAEL FORREST Single: ‘Infinite London’