Michael Schenker’s TEMPLE OF ROCK – On A Mission: Live In Madrid (DVD)

Michael Schenker’s TEMPLE OF ROCK – On A Mission: Live In Madrid (DVD)

Recorded in Madrid on 19 November at Madrid’s Joy Eslava Theatre as part of their world tour, former Scorpions guitarist and his current band Temple Of Rock are riding the crest of wave. Schenker has had a stint or two with both UFO and Scorpions, contributing to success and a number of classics by both (everyone is familiar with Doctor Doctor, and rightfully so), and had a number of successes in the 80s with MSG (Michael Schenker Group) and solo too. The first Temple of Rock album appeared in 2011, and featured vocalist Michael Voss, keyboard player Wayne Findley, bassist Pete Way and drummer Herman Rarebell, with illuminati guests featuring Chris Glen, Neil Murray, Don Airey, Carmine Appice and Doogie White.

Vocalist White, after his work with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow in the mid 90s, has become a top and entertaining frontman for many a project and is now a regular with Michael Schenker. Having chatting with him prior to a couple of shows and seen him in London (other farce aside) on the same tour, I can testify to just what a great vocalist and frontman he is. Alongside Schenker here are vocalist White, guitarist / keyboard player Wayne Findlay, bassist Francis Buchholz and drummer Herman Rarebell. The latter two are both ex Scorpions, cementing the connection.

The aforementioned UFO kicks off the show, and is guaranteed to get the crowd in the mood. The newer Live And Let Live follows, and then Lights Out which is another aged classic. The interplay between the band is obvious on the video material, the line-up now showing stability and for good reason. Schenker riffs and solos like a maniac half his age, as tracks like Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead and Horizons show well. And his double neck Flying V makes an appearance too.

There’s a fine balance of Temple of Rock, MSG, Scorps and UFO material, and while it would be easy to lament the lack of MSG material (for me personally his best work), it does allow the band to play more newer material. And an absolute pleasure that work is, and proof that Schenker’s pulled himself through the lows well. That said, Attack Of The Mad Axeman goes down a storm, one song that should never be dropped.

White chats with the crowd up close, the atmosphere augmented by the close band/crowd proximity. Scorpions tracks Love Drive and Rock You Like A Hurricane riff magnificently and the crowd love it.

A wonderful performance that is (largely) well filmed and edited. Plenty of extras on the video add value for money but I’d be more than happy with the 2CD edition in my collection. 8/10

Joe Gessin

Track List

1. Ocean Odyssey – Intro

2. Doctor Doctor

3. Live and Let Live

4. Lights Out

5. Where the Wind Blows

6. Natural Thing

7. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

8. Victim of Illusion

9. Love Ddrive

10. Coast To Coast

11. Vigilante Man

12. Rock My Nights Away

13. Saviour Machine

14. Too Hot To Handle

15. Only You Can Rock Me

16. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely

17. Rock You Like A Hurricane

18. Rock Bottom

19. Horizons

20. Attack Of The Mad Axeman

21. Communion

22. Blackout

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Michael Schenker’s TEMPLE OF ROCK – On A Mission: Live In Madrid (DVD)