Michael Stasis – New Track ‘Crushed’

Michael Stasis – New Track ‘Crushed’

Michael Stasis

Shares New Track ‘Crushed’

RIP III LP Released August 7th via Arbutus Records


Los Angeles based artist Michael Stasis today unveils a second track his forthcoming album RIP III, released August 7th via Montreal powerhouse label Arbutus Records (Braids, TOPS, Lydia Ainsworth).

Following first album preview ‘Venus Of Soap’, ‘Crushed‘ offers insight into the albums more frenzied side, with rollicking west coast surf-pop punctuated by raspy guitars and distorted drums.

Listen to ‘Crushed’

A “greatest hits” compilation of sorts, RIP III collates a selection of songs from Michael’s prolific output from over the past few years, recorded quietly and under the radar, offering an introduction and overview to the work of a gifted and idiosyncratic yet hitherto unknown American songwriter. It traces his artistic evolution from playing with trial software in his bedroom to learning from acclaimed producer Jorge Elbrecht to stumbling into a thriving community in the Bay Area, presenting an artist who has drifted through many scenes to collaborate, perform and grow.

The songs on the album see him jumping sonically and stylistically, leaving some listeners to wonder if it’s the same artist at all. Songs like ‘Venus Of Soap’, ‘Greenskin’ and ‘Smokey’ emit a warm homespun glow and sense of marvel, indebted as much to classicist songwriting as it is to psychedelic folk and nursery rhyme. ‘Brown Cow’, ‘All The Ways’ and ‘Pain’ chug hypnotically with motorik drum machines, widescreen dynamics and angular quirks. Elsewhere, ‘Crushed’ and ‘Little Devil’ provide rushes of infectious Californian surf-pop, while ‘The Necklace’ displays a propensity for the majestic, unfurling like an excavated classic from a cult soundtrack.

RIP III is out August 7th on Arbutus Records.
Album pre-order – tinyurl.com/qjl43h4
Track list:

1.  Venus Of Soap
2.  Brown Cow
3.  Crushed
4.  All The Ways
5.  Land Of The Goths
6.  Little Devil
7.  The Necklace
8.  Surface Area
9.  The Dairy Queen
10. Greenskin
11. Pain
12. Smokey



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Michael Stasis – New Track ‘Crushed’