Minihorse share video for "Thriller" from EP Big Lack

Minihorse share video for "Thriller" from EP Big Lack

Share video for “Thriller”

Taken from their new EP Big Lack out now on Friendship Fever

Watch video for “Thriller” here

Following a successful SXSW stint, Ypsilanti, Michigan trio Minhorse reveal a new video for the track “Thriller“, taken from their recent EP Big Lack, out on Friendship Fever Records. Opening with an off-kilter, unsettling, warped guitar sound before the melodic vocals kick in, the song evolves in to an infectious fuzzed-up, mellow groove. The video was shot and directed by band member Ben Collins, who explains the plot: “The Chauffeur is preparing for another night of work. He’s got a number of pickups to make. A woman got burned in a house fire, so she’ll need a pickup. A man is drinking himself to death at the bar, so he’ll need a pickup too. Everyone gets picked up eventually. But some jobs are harder than others.”


“It feels like something of misgiving that Minihorse’s Big Lack EP is the band’s debut release, for so much of it feels the re-arrival of your favourite band.” —GOLD FLAKE PAINT
“Ypsilanti, Michigan’s Minihorse make pleasingly bummed out guitar pop in the grand tradition of Grandaddy, The Comas, or Ambulance LTD.” —BROOKLYN VEGAN

Curled up in a nest of fuzz pedal guts, Minihorse guitarist Ben Collins realized one night that his dreams have no meaning. All that circuit wiring, as it turns out, is a harness for trapping delusions.
The band explores that revelation over the unresolved pop progressions of debut EP Big Lack, shrugging off the big dumb universe with a wry tunefulness. Tracked at Collins’s home studio amid tinkerings with a prototype electrode headband, the record leaks out of headphones like slow direct current.
Minihorse’s genetic inheritance is a recombination of bedroom transistor wizards like Bob Pollard, cruising guitar rock into the outer valences of space in a shit-can convertible, and the brandied humour of Evan Dando and Alex Chilton, approaching the void with a pack of cigarettes.
Cooing sarcasm over a wallop of scuzzy power pop, Collins pokes at misfit notions of belonging or purpose with a Jason Lytle sigh. “Hollywood painted it black/Wait. Paint it back,” he jokes before the dam breaks on “Drink You Dry.”
Collins and his fellow Ypsilanti introverts, bassist Christian Anderson and drummer John Fossum, are giddy with their musical contraptions. They scatter hooks like firecrackers on a blacktop throughout opener “Blueblack” and beat down doors with cool-headed kraut jam “Pinstripe Web.”
With breezy “Thriller”, Collins grips the tape reel, jerking the recording into warbled askew against a hummable fuzz bass counterpoint that coats the band’s keen insight: “The thrill is not what’s gone/It never was.”


1. Blueblack
2. Drink You Dry
3. Thriller
4. Pinstripe Web
5. Colour

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Minihorse share video for "Thriller" from EP Big Lack