Moby / Launches Covr channel for new single ‘Almost Home’

Moby / Launches Covr channel for new single ‘Almost Home’

Ahead of the release of his stunning new single ‘Almost Home’ on the 10th February 2014, Moby has today launched a Covr microsite inviting friends & fans to cover the track in their own unique styles.

Moby’s Covr channel has launched with covers of ‘Almost Home’ from Kelli Scarr, a singer from Monterey, California, who appeared alongside Moby on his album ‘Wait For Me’, and Julie Mintz and DA & The Jones who are both regulars in Moby’s ‘Innocents’ live band. There are also cover versions from the likes of LA-based singer/songwriters Lindsay Rae Spurlock and Lucy & La Mer and Texan quintet The Rocketboys.

Moby has also given permission for any musician covering ‘Almost Home’ the freedom to sell the track and keep 100% of the record sale royalties. He has also pledged to donate his songwriting share to The Humane Society.

Moby has said: “Some friends of mine did a cover of ‘Almost Home’ and i loved what they did with it, so then i asked a few other friends to do cover versions of ‘Almost Home’, and i loved what they did with it.

“So now I’m asking: will you do a cover of ‘Almost Home’ because i’d love to hear what you do with it. Feel free to put your recording on iTunes or YouTube or wherever –  and you can keep the income or donate it to your local charity – and I’ll take my share of the songwriting and give it to The Humane Society. To keep me honest and, hopefully, un-mercenary.

“Please feel free to cover it however you want and record it however you want: in a studio with an orchestra, on your iPhone, on an old cassette etc.”

Read Moby’s Blog message in full here.

‘Almost Home’ is the second single to be taken from Moby’s 11th studio album ‘Innocents’, which is out now through Little Idiot. Listen to Moby’s original version with Damien Jurado on Soundcloud here.

‘Innocents’ was last week announced as the internet’s most downloaded torrent in 2013 following a ground-breaking partnership between Moby and BitTorrent. 8.9 million people downloaded the ‘Innocents’ album Bundle following it’s full release via BitTorrent on October 9th, even beating the 5.8 million downloads the most popular illegal Torrent of the year from Bruno Mars received.

For more information read the BitTorrent Annual Report:

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Moby / Launches Covr channel for new single ‘Almost Home’