MOCKY: the man in the shadows of Gonzales, Feist … Magnificent artist and album.

MOCKY: the man in the shadows of Gonzales, Feist … Magnificent artist and album.

New Key Change album

Released June 26, 2015

Heavy Sheet / Moor Music / The Whale

Everyone likes good producers, even when they are multi-instrumentalists; Mocky is one of them. His career spanned more than a decade, in collaborations with artists like Kelela, Gonzales, Feist … which in turn have contributed to his new EP Living Time: The Moxtape Vol. II, an EP rid of electronics from his previous work. “In 2015, the machines have become the arbitrators of emotions,” he justifies.

The titles of Living Time: The Moxtape Vol. II were essentially instrumental: the few vocal parts (“Howling at the Moon,” “Living Time”) were based delicately in music. The EP ends with six titles “Sweet things” perfect arrangement completed in just six words; the kind of security that we make samples.

New Title Tomorrow Maker to listen here:

Living Time: The Moxtape Vol. II to listen in full:

Mocky is back now with his new album Change Key (Exit 26 June).

His shows, midway between concert, comedy and puppet theater, are spiced with a good dose of humor and exchanges with the public. Mocky was born in Toronto, his father is originally from Yemen, his mother is English, and he himself lives in Berlin.
He has already worked for artists – Peaches, Feist, Gonzales and Jane Birkin – and he recorded his latest CD, Saskamodie in the famous Parisian studios Ferber.

Mocky released three personal albums, a slew of remixes and collaborations, in particular with his friends Gonzales, Feist, Jamie Liddell or Puppetmastaz: like most of them, Mocky is a Canadian citizen, like them, he has chosen to live the effervescence of the 90’s Berlin. But he has his own thing: divert bling clich├ęs of contemporary R’n’B, while paying tribute to the seminal soul glorious inspirations such as Prince. Both b boy pigheaded and classy crooner, it is also comfortable, nestled on digital funk rhythms, than surrounded by musicians bubbling groove. He laughed boys and girls dance, or the other, or even both, short Mocky knows how the show.

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Articles on Mocky:

Old songs:
Sweet Music:
Fightin ‘Away The Tears (. FEIST feat)


Upbeat 1 Thing

2 When Paulie Gets Mad

3 Soulful Beat

4 Weather Any Storm

5 Whistlin

6 Living In The Snow

7 Late Night Interlude

8 Time Inflation (Message to R2)

Tomorrow Maker 9

10 Soulful Beat Reprise

11 Head In The Clouds

12 Hymn (For

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MOCKY: the man in the shadows of Gonzales, Feist … Magnificent artist and album.