Monsterbeach 7" out now!!

Monsterbeach 7" out now!!

Your new favorite Surf Band

(A trenchant monograph of the surf revival with the help of Beach Girls and the Monster)“

by Elwis Presslmeyer

Somehow, it never occurred to me that supporting and encouraging the 2010s surf revival would lead to controversy. It seems, however, that many folks (including some of otherwise excellent taste and judgement) prefer to think that 2017 surf should be exactly like 1963-64, that nothing has changed, that there should be no evidence of 2010s indie rock reverting to a 1960s pop aesthetic. The strongest argument against the pop revival seems to be that things aren’t exactly as they were in the golden age of surf. Where’s the go-go mania? The teenage dance crazes? And why isn’t everybody talking about the bird? The whole controversy, however moot, gets pretty sticky, all the more because nobody really understands popular culture, particularly the teenage segment in the first place…

Nevertheless, after 70 years of rock history, we should be able to make a few deductions. And perhaps emphasize a certain group for their capability to broaden the horizon of 1960s surf, turning a yesteryears’ swing into a worthwhile contribution to an Austrian punk sound of today! Named after a long-deleted b-movie of the 1960s, the surf group Beach Girls and the Monster came to life in Vienna in the early 2010s. Beforehand and also simultaneously, the 4 founding members were touring in the orbit of a local DIY scene with a number of band projects – ranging from lo-fi rock to gothic punk.

As their passion for 60s garage pop and surf developed, a promising 4-track-ep was released in 2013 („I go surfing“) that left surf purists puzzled considering the group’s novelty approach to the genre; instead the interest of garage punk enthusiasts and miscellaneous hepcats awoke, leading to a growing live following in Austria and abroad. Now in 2017, Viennese graphophone company Cut Surface is publishing 2 brandnew tracks as part of their ‘miniatures’-7“-series, once again highlighting Beach Girls and the Monster’s refined surf formula: „Monsterbeach“ and „Madly In Love“, recorded at the group’s rehearsal room in Wien-Hernals just a few weeks ago. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, salute your new favorite surf band!


Listen to Monsterbeach:


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Monsterbeach 7" out now!!