Monsters Over Bangkok–‘Two Hundred And Six’

Monsters Over Bangkok–‘Two Hundred And Six’

Monsters Over Bangkok return with the promise, “It’s still “short-rock, most of the time but some tunes are longer than 2 minutes, because we tried to explore new genres :)” so read the welcome to the new expanded world of Monsters Over Bangkok courtesy of second album ‘Two Hundred And Six’ which follows full of promise debut  ‘3 Ways To Escape’ album, so expectations are justly high.

‘Ride’ opens and cites familiar attributes from previous, guitar fuzz, other space vocals, but there seems to be more time given, if a little less in terms of attack and distortion, still early days though. From the outset  just as alternative though take songs like impressive ‘Plague’ or ‘Wasting’ or ‘Soon’  that drip alt-rock a fusion from different eras weaved into a colourful if temporarily dysfunctional vistas. Love the guitar refrain on ‘Soon’, the more robust ‘Fine’ also should be held high, an attempted clarion call to go with the flow.

What I like most about Monsters Over Bangkok is the high quality threshold, ‘Two Hundred And Six’ may only be 9 tracks, figuring they just culled the best, they do explore new genres on ‘Test’ or ‘Why’ (not an Automatic Head Detonator cover) is brighter a screwed lack of understanding as well as more crafts to aforementioned, feels as though the second album is more accessable than first.

These days Monsters Over Bangkok will have a killer set, attention promoters, Two Hundred And Six’ adds more dimension to an already talented trio. 8/10

Steve Janes


Watch lo-fi VHS video from our very first gig (there’s three song in this footage – ‘Plague’ (second track on new album), ‘Wonder’ and ‘Lost’ (these two are from debut


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Monsters Over Bangkok–‘Two Hundred And Six’