The Montecristos debut album "Born To Rock N Roll"

The Montecristos debut album "Born To Rock N Roll"

The Montecristos- “Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll” – released March 26th on Easy Action Records

Plus LIVE at the Wilton Music Hall, London, E1 – March 26th

And it shakes you up; like the screech of a Cadillac tearing out of nowhere… The forever marriage of the primitive and sophisticated that is rock ‘n’ roll.

The Montecristos are reinventing the shimmer and the throb, the tingle of illicit pleasure awakened by the sin-drenched echo of 1950’s guitars. The Montecristos are the midnight soundtrack for Jayne Mansfield; hips swaying like a storm at sea knocking at the Green Door of all your rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

At the helm is Neal X – former guitarist of million-selling, futuristic glam-rock potentates, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and long-term sideman of electro-burlesque starman Marc Almond.

Once renowned for the biggest quiff in London, Neal has always stayed true to the seamy essence of the originators: “I’m still totally head over leopard-print high heels in love with Rock ‘n’ Roll. I wanted to form a band that took the energy and spirit of Little Richard in ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ and make it look and sound totally contemporary for the 21st Century. Glammy, trashy, classy and sexy Rock ‘n’ Roll – driven by my fist sized overactive adrenal gland.”

Indefatigable in his pursuit, Neal has gathered about him a glamorous and musically astute coterie of players.

Ice Queen Emma Goss, a mean, slapping Double Bass virtuoso who never loses her cool or class when the fever rises.

Luscious Gemma B whose trumpet playing rips the rafters off the joint.

Sultry Sophie Freeman who uses her saxophone as a torch to the flame of rock ‘n’ roll.

Exotic Orlando La Rose, a blast of pleasure from beyond midnight, on baritone sax

Dexterous, debonair drummer and percussionist extraordinaire Hugh Wilkinson who effortlessly evinces rhythm’s primal thrall.

The last two years have seen The Montecristos on a stealth mission, gathering speed, poised to strike. Having made their debut in Andrés Dussan’s 2014 movie ‘Down Dog’ they commenced gigging in the UK and Spain to a rapturous response. Sidestepping a record industry that has purged rock ‘n’ roll from their books, The Montecristos launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £5,000 to make their album. They raised almost double faster than the roll of a dice.

Get ready! With ‘Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll’ ready for a March 2015 release, the smoulder is back!

Taster track :

Born to Rock ‘n Roll album CD, Digital 30th March ‘15

The Montecristos – Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Atlantic Surf (Whitmore)

Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll (Antonia/Whitmore)

Hotel Pelirocco (Whitmore)

Jayne Mansfield (Degville/James/Whitmore)

Brand New Cadillac (feat Marc Almond) (Taylor)

Badfinger Twang (Whitmore)

Good Lovin’ (Clark/Resnick)

Love Missile F1-11 (Degville/James/Whitmore)

Dirty (Adams/Whitmore)

A Little Bitty Bit Of Your Sweet Sweet Love (Whitmore)

Pussywhipper (Whitmore)

Dirty Little Lowlife (Whitmore)

#Selfie (Whitmore)

I’m Going Home (Bain)


The Montecristos are

Neal X – Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers

Emma Goss – Double Bass

Hugh Wilkinson – Drums & Percussion

Gemma B – Trumpet

Sophie Freeman – Tenor Saxophone

Orlando La Rose – Baritone Saxophone

Special Guest – Marc Almond vocals on “Brand New Cadillac”

Backing vocals – Angie Adams “Dirty” and “Good Lovin'”

Christine Nachbaur Balzano “Good Loving”, “Love Missile F1-11” & “Atlantic Surf”

“The Rebelles” – Elizabeth Westwood and Tracey Hunter – “Love Missile F1-11”

David Ruffy – Drums on “A Little Bitty Bit”, “#Selfie”, “Dirty”, “Brand New Cadillac” and “Lowlife”

Vincent Justin – Guitar solo, handclaps and backing vocals “Dirty Little Lowlife”

Daniel Colombi – Cowbell “Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Recorded at Dean Street Studios and Alchemy Studios, London 2014

Mixed at Alchemy Studios, London

Produced by Kenny Jones and Neal X

Engineered by Kenny Jones at Alchemy Studios

Austen Jux-Chandler at Dean Street Studios

Assistant Engineer @ Dean Street Studios Tom Upex

Special thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers especially Vincent Justin, Daniel Colombi, Alaska, Lorenzo Stella @ La Gaffe Hotel, Hampstead, Paul & Andrea Rosenwould, Tom Bureau, Ginny and Simon Kirsh, Helen Andrews, Craig Houston, Jason Payne, Samantha Aston, Phil Adams, Gabi Bröckner, Kai Jungclaus, Garrie Whitmore, Andrés Dussan.

We couldn’t have done this without you!

Booking Agent – Jack Gray @ The Satellite Agency

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The Montecristos debut album "Born To Rock N Roll"