Moon – ‘Hang on’

Moon – ‘Hang on’

The Los Angeles-based band described as  a fresh breath of alternative rock that fuses a loud core, fuzzy power vocals, and dreamy textures within their sound. The duo’s new single “Hang On” is coming out this  July 16th

Moon’s new single “Hang On” is coming out this  July 16th, boasting an amazing collaboration with the Budapest Symphonic Scoring Orchestra and a crisp, clear sound engineered by the fantastic Mark Nedham (previous;y worked with the likes of Imagine Dragons, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers to name check but a few) I feel Moon should be of interest to most.

The single is punctuated by the repeated emotionally charged mantra, “Hang on hang on, I’m already on my way” on the face of it not much to chew over, but the new single seeps style and accomplished sounds. Not expected to ne caught off guard by ‘Hang On’ just temporarily off-kilter, but Moon have achieved another strong single, which can be only a positive. 7.8/10

Steve Janes


“Hang on” from Jam In The Van

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Moon – ‘Hang on’